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    about to put a box order in...anyone need boxes?

    LMK what you need and I will get you a price. Usually I can beat Gameday prices which are the cheapest I have found. LMK I will be ordering in about 15 minutes. and will order again on wednesday.

    *** 05-06 Topps Chrome Hobby and Topps First Row Baseketball out of stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by swill300
    SPX and Sweet Shot prices please.
    sweet shot - 78 shipped
    spx- 97 shipped

    US prices

    above prices include shipping. free shipping over 200

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    Good prices, but I'll have to pass for now since you are putting it in soon. Next time you put another order in would you pm me, maybe I can do something then, thanks

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    guys I will get back to you in a little. Swill I will be putting in another wednesday

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