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    Albert Pujols Cards For Sale/trade

    Have some nice cards to trade/sell of Albert Pujols-All must be sold or traded as a lot only-Sorry-I havent seen to many of these Pre Rookies of him out there-So maby someone would like it-Its in Perfect Gradable Looking shape-Its a 2000 Peoria Chiefs card-whitch i took a scan of-I also have these others to add to it-
    2001 Fleer Platinum RC Albert Pujols Team Leaders #435
    2005 Donruss Elite Face 2 Face Serial #1173/1500
    2006 Topps Heritage #165
    2003 Bowman Heritage-Thicker Card-Black Boarderd #100
    2004 UD Sweet Spot #1 (2)
    2001 Fleer Platinum RC Winning Combinations #34 Wooden looking Boarder
    2005 Fleer Authentics Hot Ticket #6 of 10
    2006 Topps-Own The Game #16
    2006 Topps-Own The Game #3

    If wanting to buy/make offer-If wanting to trade/Im looking for a Vintage baseball players game used or autoed-or of one of todays star players autoes-Im also looking for some cards from the 2006 Topps tripple threads-
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    how much for these cards if you still have them?
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    Pujols Cards

    Im sorry-But the only Pujols card ive got left now-Is the pre rookie card of him-That shows him in his Peoria Chiefsa Uniform
    I myself gave up $60.00 in a card trade for it-

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