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    I need a Nice Plaxico Burress RC 10 to 20 dollar RANGE

    Will trade for a nice Plaxico Burress RC.

    Will trade GU or Autos for one....

    Thanks Clay

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    hey clay. I have his Private Tock Retail one. /500-600 somewhere. Book is $40,, u need? WOuld sell for $12 via paypal, let me know

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    strongdude what condition is it in...I only want cards with no dings on corners or borders and no creases or scuffs on surfaces...
    Clay Scott
    If its perfect you have a deal.

    Clay Scott

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    It is perfect, my Paypal ID is, thanks clay

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    I'm sending the money now. If you don't want the twelve dollars I could trade you a Quincy Morgan Fleer Legacy postdated auto #'d/999 BV 25 and a Press Pass Auto BV 15 for it....I will wait to get your reply...Thanks Clay

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    Please bubble pack the card and put tape on the top of top loader so it doesn't come out..

    thanks Clay

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    I would like to take the $12. Is it ok if i just protect the card really well in a regular envelope, its really hard to get up to the post offfice, i will pack it good, let me know, thanks

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    thats fine.
    Clay Scott
    1948 N. C. Street
    Fremont, NE 68025

    I'm sending now.


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