looking for my set needs on my site. also looking for 06 topps hobby masters and rookie of the week. lmk thanks billy

06 topps mickey mantle
#mhr1 have 23
mantle collection
mm1999 have 3

06 topps own the game
og1 derek lee
og3 albert pujols
og4 roger clemens
og5 andy pettitte
og14 manny ramirez
og15 mark teixeira
og19 chad cordero
og20 francisco rodriguez
og21 mariano rivera
og28 dontrelle willis

bonds homerun history
#s 663-663-664-665-666-668-668-670-670-676-678-680-684-684-690-692-699-707

wal mart exclusives
wm1 stan musial have 2
wm2 ted williams
wm22 ichiro
wm23 bobby abreu
wm 26 andruw jones
wm28 adam dunn have 2
wm33 ryne sandberg
wm34 don mattingly
wm46 david oritz have 2
wm52 alex rodriguez have2
wm53 vlad guerrero

2k all stars #7 vlad guerrero

Doijosiah bartlett

06 topps rookie cup david justice reprint #329

06 topps gold #158 #/2006
05 topps update gold #uh308 #/2005

05 topps inaugrial lineups
vinny castilla ni-vc
brian schneider ni-bs
jose vidro ni-jv
cristian guzman ni-cg

05 topps own the game carl crawford #og24

00 topps own the game
luis gonzalez #og13
curt schilling #og21

00 topps chrome own the game randy johnson #otg17

04 topps dem bums jim hughes #db-jh
04 topps hit parade
hp15 juan gonzalez
hp20 gary sheffield
hp22 roberto alomar

01 topps east meets west #ew-my murakami/yoshii

00 topps reprint ed mathews #10