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    Wayne Gretzky RC, no crease, good corner, big surface wear on back: KSA 1 ???

    I am solding my Gretzky RC card on ebay right now and I don't know how it will goes but I just want expert opinion. Is the KSA 1 grade is fair for this card ?

    What kind of grade this card should have with Beckett ?
    This card is a way more appeal than a multiple crease card with rounded corner like usual KSA or PSA 1 card...


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    I don't see how it could possibly merit much of a higher grade. There are literally chunks of the back of the card missing.
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    This is a joke, right? Honestly, I can't even fathom why anyone is spending more than a broken nickle on that card? No, seriously. Why would anyone even consider buying such a card?

    Personally, I would rather spend money on a creased up card that had a mustache drawn on Gretzky with some whacky word balloon. I agree with what other people have said - you're lucky they gave you as high of a grade as KSA 1.

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    That back is just horrible. I'm not surprised it received that grade.
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    Really? You would describe the back of the card as "big surface wear"? Plese remind what you mean by wear if we ever trade.

    Holy cripes. I'd call that substantial damage to the back of the card with large chunks of cardboard midsing and seriously detracting from the quality. "Wear"? I nearly burst out laughing after I saw the damage.

    Be glad there isn't a 0 on the scale. Usually with that kind of damage, you ask them to grade it as 'genuine' and they leave the number off. You can get more money that way.

    Good luck with your sale though. Already 70$ with 3+ days left.

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    I dont think he knows how the grading process works. You are only allowed to get a maximum grade of 1 point higher than your lowest grade.

    For example, if your Gretzky Rookie gets:

    Corners - 9
    Edges - 9
    Centering - 8
    SURFACE - 0

    The maximum grade you would get is a 1.

    Great looking card ..... if some kid didnt glue / tape it to something
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    Thanks for all your comments.
    Canucksfan07 understand well what I say. Now I understanbd better the grade and how the process works. I have sent 10 cards in my whole life for grade. I read the card description PSA 1.5 and the comment on there explain well why the grade cannot be higher than 1. KSA probably use the PSA grading scale.

    I asked the question because i'm not an expert. There is no crease in that card and no other defect described in the PSA or Beckett scale grade 1 except the surface. I didn't see on their website: if one defect occur in the card then the lowest grade will be the final grade...
    But I saw many Beckett graded card and they are not taking the lowest specific grade for the final grade. They use an algorithm. It's on their Website:

    About Beckett Grading

    How Final Grades are Determined

    Here is how we do it!

    The overall numerical grade is not a simple average of the four report card grades. Beckett Grading Services uses an algorithm which determines the final grade using the 4 sub grades on the front label of the card holder. The lowest overall grade is the first category to observe because it is the most obvious defect, and the lowest grade is the most heavily weighted in determining the overall grade.

    • Centering = 9.5
    • Corners = 9.5
    • Edges = 9
    • Surface = 8
    • Final grade = 8.5

    The reason that this card received an 8.5 is that even though the Surface grade was an 8 (the lowest grade overall), the 9.5 grades on Centering and Corners were strong enough to bring it up a full point to reach the 8.5 level.

    Also, please note that the final grade rarely, if ever, exceeds two levels above the lowest of the four characteristic grades. For example, if a card has characteristic grades of Centering 10, Corners 6, Edges 10 and Surface 10, the final grade will be a "7" (of which is exactly two grading levels above the lowest characteristic grade).

    The algorithm is not public. We don't know what it is. There is no exemple similar to canucksfan007 to better understand well the algorithm. Do you a have any picture of a Beckett graded card with such exemple ?
    Grade 0 does not exist. If 1 is the minimum so the algorithm should make this card grade higher than 1. As they said a grade 2 may be possible.
    Finally, descriptions are in english and i'm not a native english speaker so it's difficult for me to completly understand what those words exactly mean on a card description. For Reoddai, Wear is the only word I know to explain damage on a card. It's my bad english... and the title length limitation....Picture is the best....
    So I think it's legitimate to ask...

    FR 1.5: Fair
    A PSA Fair 1.5 card's corners will show extreme wear, possibly affecting framing of the picture. The surface of the card will show advanced stages of wear, including scuffing, scratching, pitting, chipping and staining. The picture will possibly be quite out-of-register and the borders may have become brown and dirty. The card may have one or more heavy creases. In order to achieve a Fair grade, a card must be fully intact. Even though the card may be heavily worn, it cannot achieve this grade if it is missing solid pieces of the card as a result of a major tear, etc. This would include damage such as the removal of the back layer of the card or an entire corner. The centering must be approximately 90/10 or better on the front and back.

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    I'm not trying to be snarky or anything, so please don't take it that way. is probably not a great idea to ask for opinions on flaws for a card you're selling while the auction is in progress. The comments above won't help your case.

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    too me thats a damaged card no matter how flawless on the front it might be.
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