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Thread: Grizzlies Cards Wanted Here

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    Grizzlies Cards Wanted Here

    i would love some gu autos or rc only in griz jersey's esp. wanted eddie jones or damon stoudamire in griz uniform

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    I have Lawrence Roberts, numbered Rc from upper deck Hardcourt, in Grizzlies Jersey, Also a performance clause Jersey redemption card, Shane Battier

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    i like both of those have u already redeemed the battier and of npt is the redemption still good and wat ru lookin for

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    i have stromlie swift breakout performers insert , Hakim Warwick Upperdeck slam, rc

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    i got the slam and i am just looking for current grizzlies wat ru lookin for (tradelist not updated)

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    well i put the code in, havent got the card yet cuz u have to wait for the season to be over, but i will keep it for u, we can trade, or make me a decent offer

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    just curious why do i have to wait till the seanson is over and wat players ru lookin for

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    2002-03 Flair 94 Drew Gooden
    2002-03 Ultra 183 Drew Gooden
    2004-05 SP Game Used 74 Jason Williams JSY
    2001-02 Topps Xpectations 103 Pau Gasol
    2001-02 Topps 257 Pau Gasol Preseason
    2001-02 Upper Deck Flight Team Copper 129 Shane Battier
    1996-97 SP 145 Shareef Abdur-Rahim x2
    1996-97 Finest 284 Shareef Abdur-Rahim G
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory 92 Stromile Swift x2
    2003-04 Upper Deck Hardcourt 100 Troy Bell

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