First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at Topps for providing us with this box.
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24 packs per box
10 cards per pack
Current Retail Price (online): $84.99 - $99.99


SUPERDRAFT AUTOGRAPHS: Top draft picks from the 2013 SuperDraft.
- Gold Parallel: #'d to 25.
- Black Parallel: #'d to 10.
- Red Parallel: #'d to 10. HOBBY ONLY
- Golazo Parallel: #'d 1/1. HOBBY ONLY

Featuring the top stars of MLS.
- Gold Parallel: #'d to 25.
- Black Parallel: #'d to 10.
- Red Parallel: #'d to 10. HOBBY ONLY
- Golazo Parallel: #'d 1/1. HOBBY ONLY

Featuring the top current and former goal scorers.

Transfers who make their debut during the 2013 MLS season, #'d to 99.

- Green: #'d to 75.
- Gold: #'d to 50.
- Black multi-color prime: #'d to 25.
- Red multi-color prime: #'d to 5.
- Golazo: #'d 1/1.

- MLS Kits Relic Blue: #'d to 49
- MLS Kits Relic Red: #'d to 25
- MLS Kits Silver Jumbo Relic: #'d to 5
- MLS Kits Gold Jumbo multi-color prime Relic: #'d to 1/1



Exciting action photos of players, including shots on goal, great saves, slide tackles, and players celebrating goals.
- This is Soccer Autographs: #'d to 25:

1978 TOPPS Epl Soccer: Top MLS players featured on the 1978 Topps English Premier League design.
- 1978 Topps EPL Soccer Autographs #'d to 25.

Mini cards of MLS stars

Images that capture the intensity of the biggest MLS rivalries

BASE CARDS (200 subjects)
- Veterans & Rookies (200 subjects)
- Short Prints
- Variations

- Blue Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 50.
- Gold Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 25.
- Black Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 10.
- Golazo Parallel: Numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY
- Printing Plates: Numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY


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Base - 200/200
Dupes - 15
Blue /50 (1): Amobi Okugo
Black /10 (1): Clyde Simms

Topps MLS Soccer contains a 200-card base set that features the best names in MLS as well as some that are not quite so household. Collectors should expect a full set in a box or at come very close. Players are shown in full action mode with their team logo in one corner. Keep your eyes open for short print (1:175) and variations (1:349). There are four parallel versions as well as printing plates available for all 200 cards. With the color parallels, the background is shaded in the color of the parallel. The serial number is laser printed on the back of the card, underneath the stat line, which is different from virtually all Topps products that uses a stamping process.

Impact (4)
Minis (2)
Rivalries (1)
This Is Soccer/Pure Soccer (4)

There are four insert sets to chase after in Topps MLS. Impact uses an old-school design with the team name located in a pennant swirl at the top. Each card has information about the franchise on the back as well as the player featured. Trying to capture the popularity as of late, there is a mini set. The design is based off of the 1978 Topps English Footballer release. Rivalries showcases the various intrigue between two teams in MLS. Finally, This Is Soccer (Pure Soccer) details some the exploits that happen on a pitch (field).

MLS Kits Jimmy Nielsen Relic

MLS Kits Matt Besler Relic

MLS Kits Teal Bunbury Relic

Golden Boot Saer Sene Autograph

MLS Maestros Autographs Victor Bernardez Auto

SuperDraft Ryan Finley Auto

Each box will yield 2 autographs and 3 relics on average. The base relics (MLS Kits) are plain in design and do not detail what part of the kit (uniform) that swatch is from. In other sports, it is usually easy to determine, but not so much here. There are two parallel versions as well as two jumbo versions of this set. Also keep your eyes open for auto/relic versions as well. Numerous autograph sets can be found in Topps MLS. Some are based off of the previously mentioned inserts. In addition, there are the ones seen above, Golden Boot Maestros and SuperDraft. Each set has parallels, except for the the Golden Boot Autographs, which is weird considering the are by far the best looking in the release. Redemptions, though rare, can appear for Official MLS Soccer Balls as well as the a set called Extra Time that features transer who debut during the 2013 season (/99).


Base - 5/5
Design - 4/5
Fun - 2.5/5
Value - 3/5
Rebuy - 3/5

Overall - 17.5/25 (70%)

NPN Information

NPN 2013 Topps MLS
PO Box 766
Pittston PA 18640

Limit 1 Request Per Household

Postmarked By: 10/2/13
Received By: 10/9/13

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