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    Exclamation Bradshaw/Manning/LT/James/Wayne/Bell - Check it out!!

    Hey everybody... i just got these in the mail and they're all FS. There are scans in my photobucket in the "Mailday" folder. The list below is what is FS... please respond, PM or AIM(Skinswash) with offers. I will possibly trade these, but ONLY if you offer me something that i REALLY,REALLY need for my PC. PLMK what u like! Thanks a lot!

    99 Momentum Peyton Manning Team Threads Checklist BV$20 --- Dual GU
    99 UD Encore Peyton Manning FX #86/100 BV$50
    00 Absolute Edgerrin James Ground Hogs Shoe #44/135 BV$50 --- GU
    00 Prestige Peyton Manning Checklist Inaugural Year #11/53 BV$50
    00 Fleer Terry Bradshaw Greats of the Game Jersey BV$40 --- GU
    00 Fleer Lawrence Taylor Greats of the Game Jersey BV$30 --- GU
    01 Finest Peyton Manning Stadium Throwbacks BV$20 --- GU
    01 Pros & Prospects Edgerrin James Games Jersey BV$40 --- GU
    01 UD Game Gear Peyton Manning Jersey BV$30 --- GU
    04 Playoff Prestige Reggie Wayne Turning Pro Jersey #30/225 BV$25 --- Dual GU
    04 Foundations Tatum Bell RC Jersey #782/1299 BV$12 --- GU

    Will sell individually or as a lot

    LMK what you're interested in... thanks!

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    Hey!!! I'd LOVE to have All the Peyton Manning's But Right Now Don't have the Extra cash.. What would ya be Looking for in Trade???


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!

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    in trade i'd be looking for hof gu/autos or nice redskins gu/autos. or if you're at all interested in buying, i'm not looking for too much. plmk either way. thanks a lot

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    Hey!!! I Got Your PM from Last Night.. Went to bed Early.. LOL

    Interested in this:

    04 Leaf Certified Materials "Flashback" 3 Color Patch (Red/White/Blue) Ser#18/25 #136 Earl Campbell

    LMK if Interested what We Could Do...

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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    possibly... what's bv and do u have a scan? or i could sell all the mannings (total bv $170) for $55 dlvd w/dc plmk thanks a lot

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    Hey!!!!! I have NO Scanner & Don't have a Clue on BV.. Right Now Money is Tight.. I just Bought a Few Peyton Manning Auto's for My PC or I would Buy...

    LMK.. The campbell Card is Really Nice...

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!

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    ok, well if it is the "gold" version then it's $40 bv. What do u think about any of these?::

    i can hold all of them for you and when u get the money (if in the next say 2 weeks or so?) then u can give me the campbell + $35

    i could give you either one of the $50 manning inserts for it

    these two:
    99 Momentum Peyton Manning Team Threads Checklist BV$20 --- Dual GU
    01 Finest Peyton Manning Stadium Throwbacks BV$20 --- GU Seat

    plmk if any of those sound good. thanks a lot!

    Also, if u have any other hof,superstar, or really nice rookie gu/autos lmk.

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    Hey!!!! How about these 2:

    05 Donruss Elite "Throwback Threads" GU Jsy Ser#128/150 #TT-25
    Steve Young

    05 Gridiron Gear "Performers" GU jsy Ser#092/150 #P-16
    Earl Campbell

    LMK.. I Believe the other Campbell is the Gold Version also...

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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    ok well the young books 25 and the campbell 15

    so, if i got the young and both campbells that would be $80bv

    well, you could have:

    both $50 manning inserts

    u can lmk what u'd want mannings u'd like

    u get all the mannings for $25 + the two campbells and the young (again, i could hold them for a couple weeks if u think u can come up with the money relatively soon)

    plmk thanks a lot.

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