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    Quote Originally Posted by PersianCanucks View Post
    Atleast hes put a nice twist to his INITIALS and a lil effort,versus the others that are simply initials....I personally like Gallagher's auto, he was at a local store here in BC doin free autos,and he really took his time signing his fans items..... Local boy,what can i say ;)
    I actually have Gallagher's in person auto as well, from when he was #73... I liked it.

    He's a good dude, but if this is how it starts... I feel like it's only going to get worse.

    Edit: That ebay item went down... does anyone have a pic of the card?
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    The signature looks so small.

    The signature looks so big.

    Just like PersianCanucks' card, it looks more like a GY than CG lol
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    lool,ya those are uuuuugly.....are they urs? cuz the RPAs got sick patches and im interested if u selling...if not its all good...thanks for sharing and keepin this thread alive....
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    Time for some new ones:

    Sadly i have to include GSP auto as well :(

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    nathan gerbe has got a bad one.

    someone beat me to it, but Marion Hossa's is terrrrrrible.
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    DSP has no excuse, seeing all those Cup RCs were stamped and not signed, he only had to make one decent looking one and he couldnt even do that lol

    and thanks Mario for the Zubov, thats the one i was talking about lol, his cup cards look horrendous.

    And for Marian Hossa? At least sometimes he keeps those lines neat and parallel, but this is just ridiculous, seeing 20% of the auto is down his arm and everything

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    This is the worst autograph ever in the history of everything.

    It's numbered /8. If I send it back to Panini I'm not gonna get it back, I'm gonna get a card "of equal value".......unless one of their employees traces over it with the marker again. Or I could buy a marker and do it myself.

    How did this pass quality control????
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    wow... that has to be the worst ive seen too,, looks like dust and dirtmarks only.. haha thats sad it came through :(
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    IIRC doesnt Hossa sign his name the same way he did back in his native Slovakia? If so I think thats pretty neat
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    Man Ed, that's rough. Here is my copy...looks like I got a good version.

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