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    Buying - I Need These Jerseys!!!

    Time to put this set to rest....I dont have time to watch ebay for these cards, so I am looking to BUY! I have paypal available for the following cards. Please shoot me a price (delivered).

    2001 Pacific Vanguard Double-Sided Jerseys
    #7 - Cunningham/Wright
    #10 - Weinke/Mitchell
    #15 - McNown/Allen
    #19 - Dillon/Warrick
    #21 - Aikman/Smith
    #24 - Pickens/Dyson
    #33 - Favre/Freeman
    #40 - Culpepper/Moss
    #47 - Wheatley/Kaufman
    #48 - Tuiasosopo/Brees
    #50 - George/McNair

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I could really use this:
    2004 UD Finite HG Philip Rivers Signatures #FS-PR – AUTO

    And these as well but not as much as the Rivers.
    2004 Fleer Greats of the Game Ernie Banks Forever Game Jersey Logo #F-EB 001/149**
    2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars Julius Jones Masks #M-22 – 312/325
    2004 Reflections Philip Rivers Focus on the Future Jerseys Gold #FOPR

    I know by itself it isn't enough but I have the Vanguard jersey #7 Cunningham/Wright as a starting point.

    I also have these you might could use:
    Ahman Green (white Patch off number) 05 Gridiron Gear Game Worn Jersey Number SN# 11/50 #2
    Cesar Carrillo (auto) 05 Topps Chrome Update #UH224

    Check my site and see if there is anything else you can use.

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    Will get back to ya later this evening when I have a few minutes to check your site...thanks for the response....definitley interested in the Cunningham/Wright

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    Jason, sorry for the delay.....I am interested in the Cunningham/Wright and that is a nice Green card, but I am really not interested in trading any of the up and comming RC autos or RC g/u (or even the Banks) for it....are willing to sell the Cunningham/Wright??? It only has a bv of $15

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    2005 SPx Rookie Winning Materials Alex Smith (QB) #RWM-AS (Dual Jersey red and white)
    I am very interested in this. Please check my page for it.


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    Not really worth selling by itself since it is pretty cheap. Thanks for getting back to me though.


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    MostWanted - thanks but didnt see anything I could use at this time

    Nickademus - lmk if you ever have the urge to sell

    anyone else???

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