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    I just won the beckett basketball monthley contest

    hey everyone,
    i got home and got a package with a Illustrious metal sports cards from the celtics, they are kinda cool. I have never won anything from them, but i think its cool
    just wanted to share

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    Congrats man!! I've tried those so many times, and saw about 3 people win it from a town down the road from me, and so I gave up. Awesome win though :)

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    Cool! That was probably a nice surprise. What was the contest? Just wondering. Congrats! SCF is the perfect place to share it.
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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    Congrats. I'm also wondering what the contest was.

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    WoW... I never thought people really won those contests. Congratulations, and let us know what the contest was.


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