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    The Got Way To Many $3 SP Sale!

    Ok here is the list of what i have left listening to offers on them need to move them
    Carson Palmer Reg x2
    Tom Brady Rookie Piece slight yellowing good packaging w/protech
    Troy Polamalu snowy base with protect
    Rob Gronkowski CC Piece
    NCAA 3 Tebow CL 40/2500
    Romo wave cardboard
    NCAA 4 Tebow CL # 1197/2000
    S15 Andruw Jones
    S1 Pujols Regs x3
    S19 Pujols
    S13 M Leinart
    S5 Jerry Rice
    Jake Delhomme Variant
    S3 Tomlinson
    S9 Priest Holmes Variant
    S6 Carmello Anthony reg
    Emmitt Smith Cards
    Drew Bledsoe Bills
    S8 Shaq Heat Variant
    S10 Roy Williams Reg
    S1 Ichiro
    Joey Harrington Variant
    Reggie Bush Rookie Variant
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    pm sent
    email Hidden Content
    looking for:
    Graded PSA Vintage Football
    Tim Rattay

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    Could use the Nolan Ryan Astros Cooperstown. Pm price w/shipping.

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    Legends 3 John Elway Chase
    Orange John Elway Crush Exclusive
    Series 2 Jason Witten Collectors CL 2205-2500
    Series 16 Steve McNair Oilers Chase
    Series 3 Nolan Rylan Cooperstown Astro Chase
    Series 10 Ricky Williams Orange Variant
    Series 15 Andrew Jones
    Series 6 Mike Alstott variant
    Fran Tarkenton Legends Tweek
    Series 10 Adam V Pats
    Series 7 Jason Seahorn insert


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    I am trying to figure out whats left as i pack stuff up but a big lot of these are sold

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    List uddated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleener View Post
    The James still there? And would you trade?
    James is pending and i am only selling at the moment thanks!

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    Add the NCAA Manning and Julius Jones to my order. Your inbox is full
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