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    Wanting '05 Finest Refractors + others!

    Looking to trade for all variations of refractors from the '05 Finest set. Once I get several. I'll list the one's I need for each variation. Also looking for '05 Pristine Uncirculated. If not trading autos or g/u, don't ask for auto's or g/u, Thanks.Tradelist:

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    I have these. I didn't see anything on your trade site but I would sell cheap if interested.

    2005 Finest

    Refractor Jason Witten 320/399
    Refractor Plaxico Burress 262/399
    Refractor Charles Rogers 13/399
    X-fractor Stephen Davis 142/250
    X-fractor Kerry Collins 100/250
    X-fractor Ahman Green 154/250
    Blue Refractor Kevin Jones 169/299
    Blue Refractor Brandon Lloyd 270/299
    Blue X-fractor Antonio Gates 114/150
    Blue X-fractor Dominick Davis 46/150
    Green Refractor Tony Gonzalez 129/199
    Green Refractor Patrick Ramsey 184/199

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