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    Looking for the Redskins next star...Roger "Rocky" McIntosh

    I don't even know if any gu'ed or auto.'s are available yet but I would like to check Please let me know what cards you have of him. Thanks !

    Other 06 players I am looking for (other then the obvious...)

    Rocky McIntosh
    Jay Cutler
    Chad Jackson
    Maurice Stovall
    Brodie Croyall (spelling ???)
    Brandon Marshall
    Sonorice Moss
    Vernon Davis (MARYLAND TERP !)

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    good luck...i looked all nite on many sites, and dont think he made it into any of the current releases....he should be a decent pick though...looking foward to collecting him also!!

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    ahh...not happy to hear that ! I am looking forward to him being in the burgundy and gold as well !!! He should be a solid replacement for LaVar. It doesn't look like the defense will lose a step this year, if anything they will be a lot stronger. Can't wait !!!!

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