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    What do you consider "crappy" cards?

    I see a lot of you post that you got crappy cards either from a box or from a pack. What do you all consider crappy cards?

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    a lot of people think a crappy card is everything except a lebron, kobe, MJ auto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flea
    Packers cards

    LMAO.... you had to say them huh?

    For me I just Like Jason Campbell and any and all bears.

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    I will collect players of other teams that I like just havn't come across a Packer I like LOL

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    for me crappy cards are for example....when i buy a high end product like the 05 hall of fame tins..i boought two of them when they first came out at $ keep in mind you only get one auto or memorabilia card..or whatever well what i got was a dennis ekersly auto numbered to 25 ..and the second tin i got a jim palmer auto numbered to bv for the cards were $ me those are crappy you probably say wow those are two hall of famers you should be happy?? i guess i would if i collected those players but no..anyway to me those are crappy cards..or whe you buy a box of sp authentic football and pull all rookies that were drafted in the 40th round hopes that they mature i year berfore there retierment then those are crappy cards lol...................

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    most ppl say crappy cards as they got all base or a non #d insert, but i dont really mind getting "crappy" cards as long as their semistars / stars

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    gotta go with mugs here. I hate it when I spend $80+ for a box and get no namers. I think there are too many RC`s in a lot of sets these days. There is no need for 100 or more rookies to be released in a set. So what if there isn`t a RC of a player who was drafted 200+ that year. He`ll have a RC the next year like it used to be done by card companies.

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    The black bordered crap that Bowman puts out each and every year... those designers are paid WAY too much- even if they make minimum wage part-time w/ no benefits and no lunch breaks...

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