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    looking for a troy aikman pro set rookie card

    If anyone has one, PLMK what you want in return for it. I need that card pretty badly, and it's fairly common, so I'm sure somewhere here has it.

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    I'd be interested in one of your bowman's best corey dillon rookies. What would be the total BV of a dillon and the aikman?

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    dil$5,aik $6=$11
    dont forget my feedback i left positive for you thanks for the cards

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    okay, feedback has been left. You can check my site for something. If there's nothing there, I'll look for the guys you want a little later. I gotta leave right now.

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    I have a CTA grade nm-mt 8 if interested. I would trade in baseball for a Nady, B.J. Upton, A. Dunn, S. Burroughs or someone else like that in a decent rc. LMK

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    shandi- don't think I have any rookies of the guys you're looking for.

    Iced cards- BV of mcnair is $15. If you have a nice rookie of someone worth about $5 to even the trade, I'll probably trade the mcnair.

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    will ya trade the aikman/dillon for another akili smith the one I got from you today is gone already

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    wow, you found someone who wanted it that quickly? :)

    If you could throw in a 1998 fleer griese then it's a deal. PLMK

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