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Thread: Shipping from Canada to Sweden

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    Shipping from Canada to Sweden

    I was wondering how much it would cost me to ship one hockey card to Sweden from Canada? I will be mailing the card in a small buble envelope and will just put stamps on it but don't know how many I should put on it? Any help would be great Thanks

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    Im not in Canada and have only shipped a few packages from there when i was up visiting the wifes family but from what i gather from itll be abou $5, someone who ships regularly may be able to let you know a cheaper way? Good luck!

    Light Packet™ - International See Postal Guide for Delivery Standard


    Not Applicable

    Rate Summary
    Base Price $5.20
    Coverage Not Applicable
    Fuel Surcharge $0.00
    Options $0.00
    Tax $0.00
    Total $5.20

    So i'd guess 9 regular $0.63 stamps, or 5 $1.10 US Stamps or 2 $2.68 international stamps
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    I usually ship for 4.36$ which after tax costs me 5$
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    It does cost $4.36 in postage, without taxes. I pay $4.40+0.33 x 13% tax costs me $5.39 to ship to Europe and I only charge $5.00 on eBay. Given that PayPal takes 4% of that I am losing even more. But oh well, my lowest DSR rating is 4.94 out of 5 over thousands of transactions and I just like to keep my customers happy and keep the hobby world going 'round.

    Now here's the kicker, I drop almost everything off in a Canada Post Drop Box, because if I take it to the post office when sending to Europe they will ask "Is this just documents?" I figure, yeah, its documentation of a hockey player, so I say 'Yes'. Then they have the audacity to feel the package and then they say "Theres something hard in here". I say "Yes, its covered in thick plastic because I do not want it to be bent." The reason is because if I take it to the post office and sending it to Europe they always want to send it as a parcel which costs way more. It's ridiculous. I have dropped thousands of envelopes in a Drop Box and nothing has ever went wrong.

    I am sometimes surprised at what some Europeans buy from me and a lot of them are willing to spend money, so the 50 cents I pay per package does not concern me at all. Just making the hobby world go 'round :)

    In this case, I buy rolls of $1.10 stamps and just throw 4 stamps on when sending to anywhere in Europe and just drop it off. Maybe my Local Post Office are just anal despite having seen me hundreds of times over the years.

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    yup should be around 4.76
    no more than 5, I shipp to sweden alot this year and it was no more than that, for regular air mail bubble envelope

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