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    Kadri and I are off to the chocolate factory....

    ... and Panini has confirmed the redemption will be honoured. :)

    There of course were other hits in the box, but I will list them after I stop grinning from ear to ear haha.

    edit: jump to this post to see the card
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    WOW thats huge! Awesome they are honoring it as well ..... though I dont think those are the redemption cards they would ever be throwing out due to being out of date =P
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    Very nice indeed! Congrats!
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    Amazing hit !!!! Those cards are beautiful when you are them in hand !!!! I know when that product came out a bought a case of it ...and in my second box in pulled the Taylor hall golden ticket on here...again congrats to you on a great pull !!!

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    Bravo on the title and the pull...not necessarily in that order!
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    Haha thanks guys. I will post it when I see the card in person.

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    I wanted to pull one of those so bad! Awesome hit!

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    Panini has been pretty good lately with expired redemption cards. I recently sent a 10-11 Luxury Suite Magnus Parjarvi RC Auto in and got it a couple of days ago. Wish UD would do this

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    turnaround should be quick on it too. Congrats on the once in a lifetime pull.
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