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    3 card $100 + lot f\t as low as half book!

    Looking for one nice $50-60 g\u, patch, rc or auto I like for the lot. FB, BB or BKB are accepted. Noot much on unestablished players, looking for star level players or HOF'ers or soon to be HOF'ers.

    02 Authentix Ticket for four Favre, McNabb, Culpepper, Couch Quad jsy #d /200 bv $80
    02 Flair Power Swatch McNabb jsy #d /200 bv $15
    89 Score Deion Sanders rc bv $15

    plmk & thanks,

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    i'll give ya a 2003-04 Topps Patch Place Jason Kidd Red Patch #ed to 25 and a 2004-05 Luxury Box Triple Threat Yao Ming/Dirk Nowitzki/Tim Duncan triple jersey #ed to 200 for them

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    Now that quad jersey, I like. Check out the list man.

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    footballcardkid, what are the bvs on the 2 listed? how many colors is the Kidd patch?

    Vikings, what do you have in the range of what Im looking for on the lot?

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    Just check out my list and lemme know what you see. Dont know many bvs off hand.

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    I got a nice 04 Flair Ray Lewis Hot Numbers Patch (its a reebok logo tag patch) #ed 37/75?

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    hey mav hows it going do u collect just b-ball only?

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