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Thread: Has this ever happened to you?

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    Has this ever happened to you?

    Im very disapionted with myself today. I was watching a card (Lack Dominion Patch Auto Emerald /5) on ebay today. saw that it had 20 mins left so I just waited for it on my bed, but then I fell asleep! woke up and auction was over and it sold for a really really really good price of $45. my max bid would have been $80.

    To cheer me up, did anyone else ever do this, would love to hear the card that you missed out on because your computer shut down or something went wrong in the dying minutes.

    If anyone knows the person who bought that card, please get them to contact me!


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    A few years ago(when I was still using ebay) I was waiting to toss up a bid on an Erik Johnson Cup ARP, got distracted and got back just in time to miss my bid. Final sale price (not to me) 1 bid - $3.00


    Patch was single colored, but I would have been happy with it, lol.
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    We've all done it at some point. My worst was a few years ago - there was an 08-09 Upper Ice Signatures Swatches Carey Price on eBay. Went out for a walk, totally forgetting about the end time, got back 2 minutes too late. Final sale price? $10.55. For a hard-signed autograph with a rookie-year game-used jersey swatch. Worst.
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    When you start getting older and things don't work as properly (I'll spare you the details) you find yourself sitting in a certain room for extended periods of time. Thus did I miss out on a 12/13 Limited Ryan Kesler puck card #16/25 a couple nights ago.

    At least I broke my WordMole high-score on my Blackberry...........
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    I've had this happen many times as well! I'll have an item I'm watching on eBay up on my iPhone, usually with 15mins or less to go while I'm playing on my PS3 (usually NHL13, Cod or MLB the Show). I seem to remember about the auction just as it ends, and lose the card for a price I would be very willing to pay.
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    $40 for a triple Enshrinements of JVR/Wilson/E. Kane!? I would have paid over 100 for it...but, noooo, my best friend calls me and has this big "life" talk with me.


    but, yep, done it.
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    haha, thanks guys, I dont feel as bad now. and ouch some of your stories expecially RGM thats just horrible.

    At least there is another one /5 on ebay for BIN $199 OBO. wont get it for as cheap, but at least I have a shot at it.

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    This has happened to me more times than I could ever remember - most recently with one of the last Decades autos I need...looked at it in the morning, reminded myself to bid that evening, remembered much later that night. Gah!
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    I think this probably happened like 3-4 in the last year for me. The worst feeling in the world is forgetting to bid on an item that's almost ending despite having the place bid window open because you got distracted by a youtube video.

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    Yup me too. Just tonight actually. Helping the brother in law move and forgot about 4 auctions tonight. Damn in laws lol.

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