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Thread: Has this ever happened to you?

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    I has missed many heavy PC-cards just because's impossible for me to lie on the bed without to sleeping especially after a bad day at my job....

    Those cards I missed when I osverslept

    *2x 06-07 BTP Jersey & auto /10 (both times ended at $10-$20 range, easily sells for many many times more normally)
    *2x 10-11Ceritfied Champs Materials Prime /3 both ones 3-colored
    *1x 11-12 UM Goalie Generation Gold 1/1 (I was recently woke up and almost blind and tired so I couldn't typing properly....)
    *1x BTP 10-11 Emblem Silver /3

    *1x 11-12 BTP Franchises Gold /10 (ended at peanuts at $20 range, was actually at middle of day but I couldn't end a coversation with a family member to just rush into my room and sniping so I missed by some second and was screaming haha...)

    I do hate me myself...I'm gonna never see some of those cards's only ultra-rare ones!

    I know that I should put a big bid but I always wants to snipe...but those time-differences are killing me sometimes why always huge PC-cards who ends at a strange time for me while other doesn't....grrr!

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    I not had this dilemma in quite some time as I not had a ebay account going on 10 plus years. Remember those days of watching auctions and bids etc and missed plenty. All I can say being without ebay is very good for the bottom line. So many folks got caught up in the whole ebay fever and paid outlandish prices in the 90's and 00's and are sitting on cardboard. Remember buying some rare inserts for a 100 or so and now would be lucky to get 10 or 20 dollars on a good day LOL. Thank goodness their pc items.

    Best of luck on finding another card to replace the one you missed bidding on.

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    Sort of. Once I was going to bid on a Mask card on a Finnish auction site only to discover that it had ended an hour early... which is what I thought. However, it turned out I had completely forgotten about the 1-hour time difference between Finland and Denmark.

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    I've had that and a few bids I put through not go through from the ebay mobile app. I missed a PC card /5 and /9. Still haven't seen either turn up since then. Both went for atleast $10-$15 less then I would have paid for each.
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    this is a weekly occurrence for me!

    yesterday a dual patch /35 for Marleau was up - and I even get a reminder on my phone and still forgot!!

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    Recently I was on ebay on my phone and I opened it up to see the auction I was watching with a mere 25 seconds, I placed my bid but of course before it could confirm it asked me to sign in, and I couldn't do it fast enough on my phone and just missed it :p It sucks but I think it happens at least once to everyone.

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    forgetting to bid is unfortunate, but missing out on a steal isn't a guarantee.

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    Had the exact same thing happen to me a couple months ago. Waiting for 2 separate Ron Francis #/9 Artifacts patches to end, & dozed off for about 20 minutes, only to awake to both being closed & sold for a quarter of what I would have bid. I'm sure it's happened to most people at some point
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    This happen to me on average once a week :P

    Most often it is a Detroit Red Wings card, or the first card in a string of cards I may want to bid on. If I see a card (or more) that I like I will bid on other cards to lower my DCA. I get the cards I want to keep and then sell the others or add them to my Trade List. However, if I miss out on that first card, the second card etc, I will just scrap the bidding on the rest of the cards. This actually happened to me today.

    I used to feel bad about it years ago, but now I know there are good deals every single day. When it comes to a PC card that I absolutely need I will put a huge bid on it and I will never be outbid. You have to act on that card you need, its as simple as that. I know a lot of poeple wait until the dying seconds of an auction just to save a few dollars but when it comes to cards you need or may never see again you have to act quick.

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    Did this just 4 hours ago lol. Was watching a pair of cards that ended within 10 minutes of each other but missed the auction because of my Fantasy Football draft that was taking place at the same time

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