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    Anybody WTTF Stefan Lefors 2 Color Gridiron Gear?

    Have a nice Stefan Lefors 2 color Gridiron Gear FT. LMK if you are interested. See pic below.

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    i like it...i also replied to you on my post about baseball for football...i liked the dale murphy gu and kevin mitchell gu.

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    heelsfan4life78 I am interested in these:

    ANQUAN BOLDIN 03 UD Rookie Futures RC Jersey BV$20
    DAVID GARRARD 02 Press Pass JE Jersey(2 colors) #ED/500 BV$15

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    whats bv of the Lefor? also the Boldin has been traded.

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    I think it is $20. That stinks cuz the Boldin is the one I was really interested in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catch_shorty
    did you like anything of mine?
    Yes. What is the value of the dual patch with Deshaun Foster?

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