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    This is all on its way in and I am turning it around and sending it back out! I have not checked the BVs yet....this is all the description from the seller. Scans are in photobucket under Incoming.

    1.) 1963 Topps Pete Rose RC #537 GRADED PSA 5 EX!! This is the holy grail of all Rose cards. This card is an easy sell! Everyone wants a Rose RC and this lot has one. BV-$800....>..SOLD

    2.) 2005 Donruss DK WILLIE MAYS AUTOGRAPH 1/1!!! Yes a TRUE 1/1 of one of the three greatest players of all time!!!! Signature is a beautiful stroke and should add nicely to this collection. BV-$600+

    3.) 2004 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks LOU GEHRIG DUAL JERSEY/BAT card numbered 25/25!!!! This is a 1/1 in it's own right since it is the last one made. Not only that, this is an actual jersey, not a pants peice or some cheep relic!!! BV-$400.00+

    4.) 2004 Leaf Century Collection ALBERT PUJOLS Prime Patch swatch numbered 1/1!!!! A true 1/1 of the greatest player ever!!! This kid is shattering everything. Currently 11 homers in 16 games? Come on, this guy is a freak. This card is sure to skyrocket this year when he breaks all the offensive records. Triple Crown? BV- $400+

    5.) 2005 Donruss Classics VIP Membership NOLAN RYAN Game PATCH numbered 1/1!!! Another true 1/1 card of the greatest pitcher ever!!!! BV- $300+

    6.) 2002 Topps Tribute Milestone Materials TY COBB GAME BAT CARD!!! Wow!!! This piece of bat was used on july 18, 1927 to get his 4,000th hit. Or atleast that is what the card says on the front!!! That is unbelieveable!!! BV- $300

    7.) 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia WILLIE MAYS GAME USED BAT card numbered TRUE 1/1!!! Yup, that makes 2 TRUE 1/1 Willie Mays cards in this lot!!! You cannot beat that!!! BV-$250

    8.) 2004 Leaf Limited Monikers Marlon Byrd AUTOGRAPHED GAME BAT numbered 1/1!!! A TRUE 1/1 to add to this fabulous collection!!!

    9.) 2005 Donruss Classics Roger Clemens GAME USED PATCH card numbered 1/1!!! Yes, this is a true 1/1 card of the best pitcher in the game today!!! BV-$250+

    10.) 2004/05 UD Hardcourt KEVIN GARNETT Etched in Time numbered 1/1!!! Another true 1/1 card in this lot!! KG will reign again as an elite superstar card. Get his stuff now while it's low!!! BV-$250

    11.) 2005 Donruss DK Orlando Cabrera AUTOGRAPHED card numbered 1/1!!!! Another true 1/1 card, this one of a superstar in the making!!! This card would work in any Red Sox collection!! BV-$120

    12.) 2005 Donruss DK Shea Hillenbrand AUTOGRAPHED card numbered 2/5!!! Yup, only 5 of these bad boys exist. Extremely rare card that has a lot of potential. BV- $120

    13.) 2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabila Mark McGwire Dual BASE card numbered 084/200!!! This card is extremely rare and valuable. These cards have dried up and any game used items from Mark McGwire are collectible!!! BV-$60

    14.) 2004/05 Skybox Autographics Mickael Pietrus AUTOGRAPHED PATCH card numbered 35/50!!!! This card contains a nice red and white patch piece and a nice autogrpah on the front. Very rare and a lot of potential.

    15.) 2004/05 Bowman Luol Deng AUTOGRAPHED RC card!!! Wow!!! An autographed RC of Bulls Phoenom Luol Deng. Hopefully this guy will shine in the playoffs and show off his skills!!!

    16.) 1985 Topps Mark McGwire RC!!! Holy Grail of McGwire RC's!! This card will see another surgence in the near future.

    17.) 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. RC!!! This card is the most recognizable and most influential card in sports card history!!!! These cards are on the rise again and look out as Griffey will make another run at Aaron, regardless of what experts say!!

    18.) 1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr. RC!!! This card is very nice, NM at the very least!!!!

    19.) 1982 Topps Cal Ripken Jr. RC!!!! This card is also a nice Jr. card. It should grade atleast a NM!!!

    20.) 01/02 Fleer Number 1 Allen Iverson jersey die cut!!!

    21.) 00/01 Fleer Glossy Traditional Threads Tracy Mcgrady jersey!!! BV-$50

    22.) 2001 UD Piece of the Game Bat BARRY Bonds!!!! BV- $30

    23.) 2001 Donruss Classics Cal Ripken Jr. Stadium Stars Seat relic!!!

    24.) 2001 Topps Tribute Frank Robinson Game used Bat!!! BV-$40

    25.) 2002 Sp Legendary Cuts Cal Ripken Jr. Game BAT!!! BV-$40

    26.) 01/02 Stadium Club Touch of Class Game Jersey Tracy Mcgrady!!! BV-$40

    27.) 01/02 Hoops Hot Pros. Andrei Kirilenko Game Jersey RC!!!! BV- $40

    28.) 2001 Topps American Pie Carl Yastrzemski Game Jersey card!! BV-$60

    29.) 1998/99 Spx Finite Kobe Bryant Top Flight Radiance!!! BV-$120

    30.) 2001 Sweet Spot Game Used Base card Mark Mcgwire/Tino Perez!!! BV-$40

    31.) 2001 Sweet Spot Game Used Base card Chipper Jones/Nomar Garciaparra!! BV-$30

    32.) 2001 Absolute Memorabilia Home Opener Souvenirs Roger Clemens DUAL BASE card numbered 113/200!!! BV-$40

    33.) 2003 UD Game Face Roger Clemens 2 color jersey!!!

    32.) 2003 Fleer Focus Clemens Materialistic Jersey!!! Wow!!! Card was printed on jersey material and contains a game worn jersey!!! /250 BV-$30

    33.) 2002 Spx Super-star Swatches Game used jersey!! BV-$30

    34.) 2001 Donruss Best of Fan Club Master Artists Roger Clemens Game Jersey /150!! BV-$40

    35.) 2002 UD Diamond Connection Game Bat Roger Clemens!! /775!! BV-$30

    36.) 2001 UD Piece of the Game BAT Ken Griffey Jr. card!!! BV-$20

    37.) 2001 UD Piece of History Game Bat card of Sammy Sosa!!! BV-$25

    38.) 01/02 Fleer Marquee Dirk Nowitzki Game Jersey!! BV-$30

    39.) 2000 Stadium Club Play at the plate Vladimir Guerrero Game used Batters Box dust!!! its stupid but valuable!! BV-$25

    40.) 2000 UD Legends Ozzie Smith game jersey!!! BV-$40

    41. 01/02 Upper Deck Lamar Odom AUTOGRAPHED BUY BACK RC CARD!!! NUMBERED 34/60!!! WOW!! Yes, this is an actual autographed rookie card of Lamar Odom!!! BV-$80

    42.) 02/03 Topps Pristine Personal Endorsements Drew Gooden AUTOGRAPHED RC!!! BV-$40

    43.) 1999 Sp Signature Edition Jose Canseco AUTOGRAPH card!!! BV-$25

    44.) 1999/00 Topps Gary Payton AUTOGRAPHED card!!!! BV-$25

    45.) 1999 Skybox Autographics TROY GLAUS AUTOGRAPHED card!!!

    46.) 99/00 Fleer Focus Shawn Marion Fresh Ink AUTOGRAPHED RC!!! This guy is on fire!!!! Look out for this one!!!!

    47-48.) 92/93 Shaquille O'neal Upper Deck RC Euro!!! Cards are mint!!! BV-$40 a piece

    49.) 1998/99 Topps Roundball Royalty Shaquille O'neal REFRACTOR!!! BV-$30

    50-55.) 92/93 Shaquille O'neal Upper Deck Rookie Standout Euro cards!!! BV- $20 a piece

    56.) 1996/97 EX-2000 A Cut Above Michael Jordan!!! BV-$60

    57.) 1998/99 Upper Deck Next Wave Quantum Tracy Mcgrady /1500!! BV-$30

    58.) 1997/98 Tracy Mcgrady Fleer Rookie Senations!!! BV-$15

    59.) 97/98 UD Rookie Discovery Tracy Mcgrady!!

    60.) 97/98 Bowmans Best Tracy Mcgrady RC

    61.) 1996/97 Topps Kobe Bryant RC

    62.) 1996/97 Fleer Kobe Bryant RC

    63.) 1996/97 Fleer Ultra Fresh Faces Allen Iverson RC Die Cut!!! BV-$60

    64.) 2003 Dontrelle Willis/ Jason Stokes Topps Chrome RC BLACK REFRACTOR!!!! /199!! BV-$40

    65.) 1999 Topps Chrome Mark McGwire REFRACTOR!!! #70

    66.) 2000 Topps Chrome Mark McGwire REFRACTOR #1!!!

    67.) 1993 Topps Finest Roger Clemens!!

    68.) 1993 Topps Finest Mark McGwire

    69.) 1997 Bowmans Best Mirror Image REFRACTOR McGwire/Konerko/Helton/Palmeiro

    70.) 1995 Donruss Diamond Kings Mark McGwire /10000!!

    71.) 2003 UD Game Face Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa!!! Super RARE and very nice!!!

    72.) 2003 UD Game Face Albert Pujols/Kery Wood!!! Super Rare and very nice!!!!

    73.) 1987 Donruss Barry Bonds RC

    74.) 1987 Donruss Barry Bonds RC

    75.) 1987 Topps Barry Bonds RC

    76.) 1999 Topps Chrome Lord of the Diamonds Mark McGwire REFRACTOR

    77.) 98/99 Spx Finite Spx 2000 Spectrum Ray Allen /75!! BV-$60

    78.) 02/03 Topps Pristine Jermaine O'neal Gold Refractor /99!! BV- $30

    79.) 93/94 Fleer Ultra Famous Nicknames Michael "Air" Jordan!!! Super RARE!!!!

    80.) 1977 Topps George Brett #580 NM

    81.) 1972 Topps Roberto Clemente #310

    82.) 1961 Topps Sandy Koufax/Johnny Podres #207

    83.) 1954 Topps Jim Lemon #103

    84.) 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly RC Mint!!!

    85.) 1959 Stan "the man" Musial Topps #150 Bad

    86.) 1963 Topps Warren Spahn #320 Bad

    87.) 1972 Topps Ted Williams #510

    88.) 1972 Topps Carl Yastrzemski #38 Excellent

    89.) 1955 Bowman Don Zimmer #65 Bad

    90.) 1954 Bowman Joe Nuxhall #76 Bad

    91.) 1961 Topps Stamps Lot - Hunt, Ed Matthews, Cardenas, Wally Moon/Roy Face

    92.) Michael Jordan Opened Wheaties Box

    93.) Tiger Woods 1998 Wheaties Box 1st box!!!!

    94.) 1999 Michael Jordan Mattell Maximum Air Figure

    95-96.) 2 2000 SLU Ken Griffey Jr. Figures 1st Reds uniforms

    97.) 1998 Mattell Michael Jordan Radical Rides Figure

    98.) Michael Jordan Framed Autographed card w/ certificate from Big Apple Authentic (not in photos). Doesn't look real to me but is authenticated

    99.) 1987 Donruss The Rookies Set!!!

    100.) 13 1987 Topps packs

    101.) 4 1990 Score Packs

    102.) a couple Nascar cars from action and racing champions, Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart

    103. 1998 Mattel Grant Hill 13" Figure

    104.) 4 May 2003 Si for Kids magazines complete w/ Lebron James RC!!! 1st rookie of him!!!

    Here are a couple more things in the collection

    1992 Bowman Mike Piazza RC Graded SGC 88 NM/MT

    1987 Donruss Mark McGwire RC Graded PSA 9 MINT

    1996/97 E-X2000 Kobe Bryant RC Graded BGS 7 NM

    1999/00 Finest Elton Brand REFRACTOR Graded BGS 8 NM/MT

    1998/99 Topps Chrome Vince Carter RC Graded BGS 8.5 NM/MT+

    1998/99 Black Diamond Vince Carter Double Diamond 0643/2500 Graded BGS 8.5 NM/MT+ (Rarer than SP Authentic card!!)

    1999 Topps Chrome Donovan McNabb RC Graded BGS 8.5 NM/MT+

    1984 Topps Don Mattingly RC Graded BGS 8 NM/MT

    1998/99 Topps Chrome Jason Williams RC Graded BGS 9 Mint

    1999 Bowman Chrome Rafael Furcal RC Graded BGS 8.5 NM/MT+

    1998 Bowman Chrome Troy Glaus RC Graded BGS 8.5 NM/MT+

    1989 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr. RC Graded PSA 8 NM/MT

    1999 Topps Chrome Traded Austin Kearns RC Graded PSA 9 Mint

    1999/00 Upper Deck Elton Brand RC Graded BGS 8.5 NM/MT+

    1999/00 Spx Jonathan Bender RC 3433/3500 Graded 8 NM/MT

    1998/99 Topps Chrome Larry Hughes RC Graded BGS 8.5 NM/MT+

    There will be 35 Albert Pujols cards in this lot give or take from premium brands like SPX, Finest, Flair, Diamond Kings, etc, most are from his second year 2002

    Shareef Abdur-Rahim

    Bowmans Best picks RC

    UD RC Exclusives

    Skybox Z Force RC

    98/99 Spx Finite Radiance /5000

    Sp RC

    SP RC

    Upper Deck RC

    Upper Deck RC

    98/99 Finest Arena Stars

    98/99 Fleer RC Rewind

    98/99 Fleer Crystal

    Fleer Ultra RC

    99/00 Finest Producers

    98/99 Topps Seasons Best

    98/99 Spx Finite /10000

    numerous inserts and cards from Topps Chrome, Spx, Flair, Bowmans Best, etc

    Ray Allen

    SP Holiviews RC

    UD RC Exclusives

    02/03 Tradition Crystal /199

    SP RC

    98/99 Finest Double Feature Double Refractor

    Upper Deck RC

    Fleer Ultra RC

    Fleer Ultra RC

    97/98 Fleer RC Rewind

    97/98 Fleer RC Rewind

    98 Hardcourt

    98 Hardcourt

    03/04 Pristine

    98/99 Topps Chrome

    98/99 Topps Chrome

    03/04 Bowman Chrome

    02/03 SPX

    99/00 SPX

    00/01 SPX

    02/03 Finest

    numerous other cards from premium brands like Flair, Hoops Hot Prospects, Topps Chrome, Sp Authentic, Bowmans Best, Genuine, Focus, Fleer, Topps

    Shane Battier

    01/02 Maximum RC /1000

    01/02 Stadium Club RC

    02/03 Pristine

    12 other premium cards from SPX, etc

    Mike Bibby

    98/99 Topps Chrome RC

    98/99 Topps Finest RC

    98/99 Black Diamond RC

    98/99 Stadium Club RC

    98/99 Stadium Club RC

    35 other premium cards from premium brands like Flair, Hoops Hot Prospects, Topps Chrome, Sp Authentic, Bowmans Best, Genuine, Focus, Fleer, Topps

    Elton Brand

    99/00 Topps Chrome RC

    99/00 Finest RC

    99/00 Focus Ray of Light RC

    02/03 Fleer Premium Power /1000

    02/03 Fleer Genuine Leaders

    99/00 Skybox RC

    99/00 Skybox RC

    02/03 Flair Court Kings

    02/03 Topps Highlight Zone

    18 other cards from premium brands like Flair, Hoops Hot Prospects, Topps Chrome, Sp Authentic, Bowmans Best, Genuine, Focus, Fleer, Topps

    Kobe Bryant

    98/99 SPX Top Flight Radiance /1130 BV-$120

    98/99 Topps Chrome Refractor BV-$60

    98/99 SPX Top Flight /3390 BV-$30

    98/99 Topps Roundball Royalty BV-$25

    98/99 Fleer Great Expectations BV-$20

    96 All Sports Gold PPF RC BV-$20

    96/97 Topps RC BV-$15

    96/97 Upper Deck RC BV-$15

    96/97 Skybox RC BV-$15

    96/97 Fleer RC BV-$15

    96/97 UD Coll. Choice RC BV-$12

    97/98 Fleer RC Rewind BV-$12

    97/98 SPX SKY BV-$12

    01/02 Fleer Avant Card BV-$40 (crease)

    02/03 Fleer Genuine Leaders BV-$12

    01/02 Upper Deck Legends Record Producers BV-$12

    02/03 Upper Deck Electric Company BV-$12

    00/01 Fleer Genuine Yes Men Bv-$10

    01/02 Topps Xpectations Changing the Guard BV-$8

    96/97 Fleer Ultra Encore RC BV-$15

    96 Press Pass RC BV-$6

    96 Score Board RC BV-$6

    02/03 Upper Deck I love LA BV-$8

    97/98 Skybox Team Skybox BV-$8

    96/97 Upper Deck Team RC BV-$8

    96/97 Upper Deck Taam RC BV-$8

    01/02 SP Spectacular BV-$12

    97 Edge KB BV-$8

    98/99 Molten Metal BV-$8

    60 0ther cards from premium brands like Flair, Hoops Hot Prospects, Topps Chrome, Sp Authentic, Bowmans Best, Genuine, Focus, Fleer, Topps

    7 Caron Butler RC's (Pristine, Upper Deck, Fleer Tradition, etc.)

    Michael Jordan 97/98 Topps Mystery Finest

    Numerous Vince Carter RC's and cards, numerous KG Rc's and cards, numerous Tim Duncan RC's and cards, numerous Dirk Nowitski Rc's and cards, etc, etc,

    I cannot list every card!!!

    It would take forever, but these are some I just picked out in ABC order.

    This lot is loaded with cards ranging $5.00-$50.00.

    The value on this lot without pricing the 1/1's and the Pete Rose cards is $35,000!!!!!

    Believe it or not, I sat down and calculated for a week, looking in Becketts and calculating. The majority of the cards book in the $1-$5 range. Very, very few cards under a buck.

    Here are a couple more cards in big cases

    1.) 1997/98 Michael Jordan UD Choice StarQuest 4 Stars SQ171 BV-$80

    2.) 1998/99 Flair Kobe Bryant /1000. Best looking Kobe card I ever saw!!! BV-$30

    3.) 1998/99 Flair Vince Carter Row 2 RC!!! BV-$25

    4.) 1998/99 Flair Vince Carter Row 1 RC!!! BV-$15

    5.) 1998/99 Finest Dirk Nowitzki RC!!! BV-$20

    6.) 02/03 Amare Stoudemire Fleer Premium Skylines RC /2500!!! BV-$25

    7.) 1992 Bowman Chipper Jones RC #28 Graded SGC 92 NM/M+

    8.) 2001 Bowman Heritage Bob Feller Seat Relic

    9.) 2001 UD HOFamers Game Bat Reggie Jackson

    10.) 2001 Donruss Classics Vladimir Guerrero Benchwarmers stadium seat!!! Mamouth relic!!!!!!

    11. 01/02 Fleer Force Stromile Swift True Colors 3 color patch card /100!! BV- $37.50

    12.) 98/99 Upper Deck Vince Carter RC!!!! BV-$20

    13.) 03/04 Pristine Yao Ming Uncirculated REF /149

    14.) 02/03 Upper Deck Yao Ming RC BV-$25

    15.) 02/03 Topps Yao Ming RC BV- $15

    16.) 2003 UD Patch Collection Barry Bonds MVP Patch card BV-$25

    17.) 2002 EX Barry Bonds Hardware BV-$20

    18.) 2003 Donruss Stat Line Albert Pujols 184/334!!! BV-$20

    19.) 2001 Topps Chrome Alfonso Soriano Gold Refractor!!! Chips on back but is normal for all of the cards from this set!!! BV-$20

    20.) 2003 Sweet Spot Patches Alfonso Soriano Patch #12!!! BV-$15

    21.) 03 Fleer Focus Hideki Matsui RC!! BV-$10

    22.) 2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club Nomar Garciaparra!!! BV-$20

    23.) 1999 Stadium Club Chrome Nomar Garciaparra Refractor!!! BV-$15

    24.) 2000 Topps Chrome Own the Game Refractor Nomar Garciaparra!!! BV-$20

    25.) 2002 Bowman Chrome Kazuhisa Ishii X-Fractor RC 191/250!!! BV- $40

    26. 1997/98 Topps Generations Kevin Garnett Die Cut!!! If you remember these cards, you know how rare and beautiful they are!!! Comes in a chrome like surface!!! BV-$15

    27.) 1997/98 Bowman's Best Shots Atomic Refractor Kevin Garnett!!! BV-$30

    28.) 1998 Donruss Spirit of the Game Press Proof Ken Griffey Jr. /1500 Die Cut!!! BV-$25

    29.) 1999 Topps Finest Pat Burell Feel Reveal ATOMIC REFRACTOR RC!!!! BV-$40+

    30.) 2004 Topps Transactions Vladimir Guerrero Game Bat card!!!! BV-$15

    31.) 04/05 Topps Pristine Omeka Okafor Uncirculated RC!!! 165/739!!!

    32.) 04/05 Topps Pristine Jr Smith Uncirculated Refractor RC!!!! 380/599!!! BV-$25

    33.) 02/03 Topps Pristine Uncirculated RARE REFRACTOR RC Kareem Rush 43/99!!!! BV-$40

    34.) 02/03 Topps Pristine Uncirculated Uncommon Refractor RC Kareem Rush 224/499!!!! BV-$20

    35.) 03/04 Topps Pristine Uncirculated Refractor Chris Kamen RC!!!! /1999!!! This guy is on fire!!!!! He w/ Elton Brand are leading the Clippers deap in the playoffs

    36.) 03/04 Bowman Chrome Chris Kamen REFRACTOR 011/300!!! RC!!!! BV-$24

    37.)1976 World Champions Cincinnatti Reds Hudepohl Pure Grain Beer Can

    38.) 1975 World Champions Cincinnatti Reds Hudepohl Pure Grain Beer Can
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    Have you picked up any new Chicago game-used or auto's since our last deal? I am always looking to buy them.

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    ok....ready to move this lot.......anyone want any of it?

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    Hey John,

    Any HOF GU / future HOF GU (Clemens/ Maddux etc) or Retired GU/AU in this monster lot?
    Nice pick up BTW!! Congrats!


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    Quote Originally Posted by hendrikus1967
    Hey John,

    Any HOF GU / future HOF GU (Clemens/ Maddux etc) or Retired GU/AU in this monster lot?
    Nice pick up BTW!! Congrats!

    Thank you. Will list the HOF gu when the lot comes in. Due in Wednesday.

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    If oyu could, just make me an offer on it....those 1/1s are tough to set a price on....there is a scan of it on my photobucket under incoming. Thanks

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    Henri -
    ANything here you like?
    05 prime cuts MIGUEL CABRERA jersey #'d 06/50 PENDING
    05 leaf certified materials CHIPPER JONES gold team jersey #'d 14/100 $3.00
    05 leaf certified materials CHIPPER JONES bat #'d 68/250 $3.00
    05 leaf certified materials FRANSISCO CORDERO jersey #'d 77/100 $2.50
    04 leaf limited JASON GIAMBI timber bat #'d 18/25 $3.50
    05 ud reflections CHIPPER JONES fabric reflections jersey $3
    05 prime patches JIM THOME jersey/jersey/jersey/bat #'d 63/150
    ( all have red pinstripes) $6
    05 sweet spot CARLOS BELTRAN sweet threads jersey $2.50
    04 ud r-class BERNIE WILLIAMS jersey $3
    05 bowman sterling CARLOS BELTRAN bat $2.50
    05 donruss champions NOOK LOGAN bat $2
    05 sp legendary cuts DAVID CONE legendary lineage jersey $2
    04 topps cracker jack JIM THOME take me out to the ball game jersey (w/red stripe) $2.50
    04 fleer greats MOOSE SKOWRON glory of their time jersey(w/black stripe) #'d 71/250 $3.50
    05 leaf certified materials ANDRUW JONES jersey #'d 40/250 $3
    05 donruss champions CARLOS BELTRAN bat $2.50
    05 leaf century collection JOSH BECKETT jersey #'d 133/250 $2.50
    05 donruss champions ROGER CEDENO bat $2.50
    04 diamond kings ANDRUW JONES bat/jersey #'d 105/150 $3.50
    01 pacific GARY SHEFFIELD jersey $2
    05 diamond kings JASON VARITEK dual gu bat #'d 22/25 $4 PENDING
    01 ud sp game bat GREG MADDUX bound for the hall bat $3.50
    04 prime cuts ROGER CLEMENS timeline dual jersey #'d 12/21 PENDING
    05 absolute memorabilia SHAWN GREEN/RICKEY HENDERSON team tandems dual bat/jersey #'d 35/75 $5
    04 flair ANDY PETTITTE diamond cuts 2 color patch w/black pinstripe #'d 9/21 $7

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