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    Trading my football for your baseball(Photobucket with 1000+ pics)

    Im looking for Cinn. Reds

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    I have a brandon claussen auto on my site.
    Check it out
    I also have a Larry Johnson KC RB
    2005 sp authenti scripts for success auto
    I really want your T. Luke 1/1 and Craytons

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    he's the only reds i wont pickup(claussen)i think he'll be in the farms forever.L J is one hell of a rb but i dont collect him.

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    i have a ryan wagner bowman chrome,topps chrome syzmanski auto,topps chrome syzmanski ref auto,sp top prospects syzmanski/janish dual auto any interest

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    i was just seeing if you could use some as tradebait
    look over my site
    and let me know if you see anything

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    Interested in all the Vicks. LMK if u see anything for the Starr/Farve dual Jsy. thx.

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