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    Thumbs up 06 sp legendary cuts coming !!!!!!

    well i just put a case of 06 sp legendary cuts baseball on reserve's due out august 14th i think that was sooner than last year...anyway i hope it's better than the 05 sp cuts i bought a case last year and got hosed!!! i am a gluton for punishment..oh ya i am a collector that would explain :new_all_c

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    what are the specs for the set this year and yea last years was horrible i bought 3 boxes and got my best one was a reese auto i could have bought one on ebay for less than half the price of 3 boxes

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    i am not sure yet when i looked at my monthly catalog that came in the mail today it was on there i called and they had no specs yet still a little early i guess

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    ncie job on that, would love to buy a box like that when it comes out

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