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    Have 38.54 Paypal, looking for best auto or CP3

    I just sold some stuff and now have $38.54 Paypal to spend. I'm looking to buy the best auto (only 1 card, no lots) or Chris Paul's [looking for the more decent rookies (Reflections, Sweet Shot, Pristine, SP Game Used, SP Signature, Topps Big Game, UD Portraits), refractors, gu's, or could do card/cash for an auto]. Let me know what you got.

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    For that money i could put a lot of G/U together?? I would include some wades??

    Lmk if you're interested

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    I have a SP auto jersey of Mcgrady /100 (on my photobucket) and I'll throw in another GU or cheap auto for your paypal.
    (mgcrady alone sells for $37-40 DLVD)

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    Wantalot17-I'm not looking for any sort of lot. Just 1 nice auto or some Chris Paul's I don't have.

    wildcatfanman3pt-I already got one of those and not fond of it only being a PSA 9 either.

    Insane Irish-That's a good deal, but I don't like how the TMac auto has that space in the loop of the T. I may still do it, but I want to see what other offers I get first.

    bilsd1818-I already have 3 of the Paul Chrome rc's and I have another on the way, so I'm not very interested in buying another. I would trade for it, if you want to check out my site.

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    check my list:

    Aim- Taj516

    Francisco Garcia 05-06 SP Authentic
    Martynas Andriuskev 05-06 Sp Authentic
    Linas Kleiza 05-06 hoops scripts
    Quintin Richardson 05-06 spx flashback auto
    Andre Miller Ultimate Collection (buyback auto/jersey #'d10)
    Carmelo Anthony 03-04 Skybox L.E Rare Form #'d190 (VERY NICE)
    Shawn Marion 00-01 fleer autographics!
    Anderson Varejao 04-05 spauthentic signatures
    Sam Mitchell Skybox Autographics 99-00
    Jason Kidd 04-05 sweet shot signatures
    Tim Hardaway skybox autographics
    Beno Udrih 04-05 finest
    Danny Granger 05-06 Topps Marks Of Excellence
    Kenyon Martin 03-04 flair final edition #'d15!!
    Dorell Wright 04-05 fleer genuine
    Jamal Wilkens 04-05 sweet shot signatures
    Andre Igoudala 04-05 sweet shot signatues
    Jameer Nelson -(04-05)Trilogy Signs of Stardom
    Antonie Jamison flair(02-03 #'d100)
    Andre Emmett( pro sigs 04-05)
    Zoran Plananic (sp signatures 03-04)
    Bernard Robinson 04-05 blackdiamond
    Desmond Mason 04-05 sp sig
    Travis Hansen #'d 999 03-04 topps finest

    Jersey 's
    Brian Cook/Devean George spx combo
    Allen Iverson 04-05 fleer genuine
    Yao Ming 03-04 Authentix
    Jermaine O'neal-dual jersey (spx04-05)
    Edurardo Najera(bazooka 03-04)
    Damon Stoudamire(upper deck 04-05)
    Caron Butler #'d 25(bazooka 03-04)
    Jamal Mashburn (03-04 upper deck)
    (2) Chris Wilcox(
    Yatu Tabuse(black diamond 04-05)
    (2)Richard Jefferson(sweet shot 04-05)(sweet swatches)
    Gilbert Areanas(ud glass)
    J. Stockton/ K. Malone/ A. Kirilenko
    Nene 04-05 sweet shot
    Rashard Lewis 05-06 rookie debut

    Hardwood Pieces:
    David Robinson

    Chris Bosh 03-04 uncirculated prestine /1999
    Carmelo Anthony topps chrome
    (3)Lebron James(2)Rookie exclusive(1)Fleer Traditional(Big Signs))
    (3)Carmelo Anthony (2)bazooka(1)Honor Roll)
    (4)Dwayne Wade((2)bazooka &(2)Rookie exclusive)
    (3) Ben Gordon (bowman)
    (2) Emeka Okafor (Topps & Black Diamond All Star Collection)
    (1)Sebastian Telfair(Topps)
    (1)Josh Smith(Fleer Ultra...Gold Medallion)
    (2)Kobe Bryant( Fleer Rookie Rewind & Skybox Zimmerman)
    (1)Chris Bosh (Rookie Exclusive)
    (1)Jameer Nelson(Topps)
    (1)Ndudi Ebi(Fleer Focus #'d 23/100)
    (1)Jason Terry(Upper Deck(Future Charge))
    (1)Travis Hansen(Hardcourt #'d 400/1999)
    (1)Jerome Beasley(Hardcourt #'d 455/1999)
    (2)Chris Duhon(1)Bowman Chrome
    (1)Tim Duncan(NBA Hoops)
    (1)Keith Van Horn(NBA Hoops)
    (1)Shaun Livingston(Bowman)
    (1) Steve Nash (Topps Stadium)
    (1) Shaq(Draft picture)
    Andre Igoudala 04-05 topps
    Carmelo Anthony 03-04 upper deck

    Pau Gasol 02-03 fleer #'d100
    Paul Peirce 04-05 sp authentic essentials #'d2999
    Dominique Wilkens fleer genuine #'d500
    Bill Russle Sp Authentic #'d 2999
    Allen Iverson Sp Authentic #'d 2999
    Elton Brand 04-05 Sp Authentic #'d 100
    steve Nash(Topps Blackborder #'d 411/500
    Danny Foster(Fleer Focus #'d 17/100)
    Jackson Vroman (Fleer Authentix "Ticket To The Pros" #'d 750)
    Jason Kapano- 03-04 honor roll "future honor" #'d 2999
    Erik Daniels- 04-05 spx #1999

    Carmelo Anthony(04-05 Topps Rock Rhythm)
    Tracy McGrady(04-05 Topps Rock Rhythm)
    Kobe Byant(04-05 Fleer Authentix Show Stopper)
    Vince Carter(04-05 Fleer Authentix Show Stopper)
    Stephon Marbury(04-05 Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings)
    Tracy McGrady(04-05 Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings)
    Michael Finley(04-05 Fresh Ink)
    Darius Miles(04-05 Upper Deck Flight Team)
    Pau Gasol(04-05 Fleer Sweet Sigs Hardcourt Heroics

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    The money is no longer available. I just got some Chris Paul's off Ebay. I picked up 3 rookies and 3 gu I don't have for $30.

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