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Thread: Figures for sale

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    Figures for sale

    hey guys im new here, ive decided its time to make some space. so for sale i have
    NHL Series 1-9 Goaltender Regular loose, all are complete. make an offer

    i also have
    Roy repaint no logo $50
    Joseph repaint no logo $30 slight crinkle in the shell still displays well (SOLD to buffaloesbest)

    series 2 variants $25 each

    series 3 variants $20 each

    series 4 variants $20
    Salo 3rd jersey

    series 5 variants $20

    series 6 variants $20

    series 7 variants $20
    Hasek 2

    series 8 variants $20

    Maple Leafs 3 packs both white and blue $30 each

    Red Wings 3 packs both red and white $30 each( RED SOLD to buffaloesbest)

    Blake/ Shanahan 2 pack $25

    i have other figures as i dig them up i will post them, prices are negotiable
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    Would like pic of Cujo repaint. The Hasek series 2, is it white or red and is it clean or with puck marks? I'm so far interested in the Cujo and the Red Wings 3 pack red...
    Only collect Eric Moulds and Dominik Hasek...

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    Hasek is white with clean pads. Do you have an email I can send Joseph pics to?

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