I am looking for autograph rookies (non sage/press pass)or SP Authentic patch rookies of Mcgahee, Carr, Palmer,Tomlinson, Chad Johnson, Big Ben, Eli Manning, Chris Perry, Ronnie Brown, Jason Campbell, Roy Williams, Steven Jackson, Braylon, Gore, Andrew Walter, Reggie Brown, Schaub, Simms, Frye, Rivers, Brady, and rare 1/1 or very limited items.

Larry Johnson FInest rookie refractor autograph /199
Jamal Lewis Playoff Contenders rookie autograph
Drew Brees Bowmans Best rookie autograph
Jeremy Shockey Topps Rookie Premiere autograph /25
Santana Moss Ex rookie autograph /375
Tatum Bell Contenders rookie autograph
Jason Campbell Spx autograph jersey rookie /1275
Troy Williamson SPx autograph jersey rookie /250
Roy Williams (WR) Contenders autograph rookie
Mark Bradley Rookie Hoggs autograph rookie /150
Mark Bradley Spx autograph jersey rookie /1275
Dante Culpepper Contenders autograph rookie
Willis McGahee SP Authentic 4 color patch rookie /850
Willis McGahee Finest refractor autograph rookie /199
JP Losman COntenders autograph rookie /312
Nate Burleson 3 color Sp Authentic rookie patch /850
Alex Smith/ Peyton MAnning Reflections dual autograph jersey /10
Deshaun Foster Contenders rookie autograph /310
John Vilma Contenders rookie autograph
Anquan Boldin Sp Authentic 2 color patch rookie /850
Lee Evans PSA 10 Topps Rookie Premiere autograph rookie /25
Keary Colbert Topps Rookie Premiere autograph rookie /25
Lamont Jordan Bowman autograph jersey rookie
Lamont Jordan Leaf Rookies and Stars rookie preview autograph rookie /50
Lamont Jordan Leaf Quantum autograph rookie /50
Charles Rogers LEaf Limited bronze autograph rookie 25/25
Cedric Cobbs 4 color Sp Authentic patch autograph rookie /799
Andrew Walter Spx autograph jersey rookie /1275
Shaun Alexander spx autograph rookie /2000
brian griese bowman chrome rookie
kevan barlow 3 color sp authentic patch rookie /500
Johnny Unitas 1999 inscriptions autograph
Tom Brady/Brett Farve BGS 9 SPx winning materials autograph jersey /25
tatum bell sp authentic 3 color autograph patch rookie /499
kyle boller contenders rookie autograph /419
kyle boller finest rookie autograph /399
tj duckett contenders rookie autograph /315
Charles Tillman Topps Chrome rookie
domanick davis bowmans best blue rookie autograph /499
brandon lloyd finest refractor rookie autograph /199
josh mccown contenders rookie patch /595
Josh Mccown Bowman Chrome rookie autograph
Aaron Rodgers rookie hoggs autograph rookie /150
Aaron Rodger Bowman Chrome rookie autograph /199
Frank Gore spx autograph jersey rookie /1275
Eli Manning/ Philip Rivers dual autograph jersey rookie Bowmans Best /25
luke mccown sp authentic 2 color patch autograph rookie /799
andre johnson fleer mystique autograph rookie /75
micheal Jenkins 2 color leaf limited autograph patch rookie /150
brandon lloyd contenders rookie autograph /589
chris brown finest refractor rookie autograph /199
tim rattay PSA 10 ud graded rookie autograph /500
Chad Johnson Spx autograph jersey rookie /550
chris simms contenders autograph rookie /349
philip rivers flair rookie autograph /350
philip rivers contenders rookie autograph /519
justin gage contenders autograph rookie /528
philip rivers fleer platinum autograph jersey rookie /294
julius jones bowmans best green autograph rookie /499
kevin jones 3 color hot prospects autograph patch rookie /278
jenkins prime signatures signature cuts gold proof patch rookie autograph /5
antonio bryant PSA 9 ud graded gold rookie autograph /75
peyton manning spx finite rookie /1998 (true rookie)
larry fitzgerald sp game used autograph rookie 001/100
chris perry sp authentic autograph patch 2 color rookie /499
taylor jacobs topps rookie premiere autograph rookie /25
ernest wilford contenders rookie autograph sp /313
fargas/larry johnson/onterrio bowman triple rookie autograph /25
mewelde moore sp authentic rookie autograph /990
JP Losman Signature Reflections autograph rookie
michael clayton spx spectrum ball/jersey/autograph rookie /25
chad johnson bowman chrome rookie autograph /25
chris perry leaf limited 4 color autograph silver patch rookie 5/15
ben watson sp authentic 4 color autograph patch rookie /799
kyle boller spx autograph jersey rookie /450
Dante Culppepper Spx autograph rookie BGS 9 10 Auto /500
Eli Manning SP Game Used rookie exclusives autograph rookie /100
Joey Harrington BGS 9 Finest rookie refractor autograph /175
Joey Harrington Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation autograph rookie jersey /25
Luke McCown Finest refractor autograph rookie /199
Eli Manning Spx autograph jersey rookie /375
Carson Palmer Finest rookie refractor autograph /199
Carson Palmer Topps rookie autograph
Julius Jones Bowmans Best autograph rookie
Chris Perry SPx spectrum autograph jersey ball rookie /25
Kellen Winslow Jr. Spx autograph jersey rookie /375
Roddy White SPX Spectrum jersey autograph /25
Ronnie Brown Rookie Premiere RED INK autograph /5 (SELLS $400-$500)
Brandon Jacobs Sp Authentic rookie autograph
Braylon Edwards Contenders rookie autograph SP
Cedric Benson Leaf Rookies and STars autograph rookie /150
Terrance Newman Topps Rookie Premiere autograph /25
Ricky Williams SPX autograph rookie /500
Antonio Gates Exquisite Jumbo patch /50