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Thread: Montana 3 clr patch #d /50 f\t

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    Montana 3 clr patch #d /50 f\t

    Looking for a nice auto in thheh same range fb,bb or bkb for it

    05 Leaf Limited threads Prime Patch (red, white & yellow) k.c. jsy #d /50 bv $50


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    I am interested in it. Check my site and let me know if I have anything that you like. If you would take more than one card I would trade in your favor. Thanks, James.

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    James, I am kinda interested in the following
    Deuce Auto jsy, Yount jsy, Tex jsy/glove, Carson Palmer rc, Deion Branch rc.

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    also interested, please check my page and LMK. thanks
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    Which of those would it take to get the Montana Patch? I am not sure about the book valuse of the Yount jsy or the Tex jsy/glove. The Deuce auto jersey books $40, Palmer books $15, Branch books $20.

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    james, make me an offer. I would want the McAllister included, but lmk what ealse you'd give

    Ed, what are the bvs of the McAllister & Dontrelle Willis autos?

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    I would trade the McAllister jersey auto and the Branch rookie for it. That would be $10 in your favor.

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    I REALLY like this
    2000 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Autographs #EJ-A Edgerrin James $80.00
    Any thing from here that you could use to make up the diff?
    96 SP Terrell Owens rc bv $20
    89 Score Troy Aikman rc bv $25
    03-04 Skybox autographics Dewayne Wade rc bv $30
    03-04 Topps Bazooka Dewayne Wade rc bv $15
    04-05 SP Authentic Devin Harris rc auto bv $30
    96-97 Fleer Lucky 13 Kobe rc bv $40
    00-01 SP Authentic Jason Terry rc bv $25

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    I will add the Carson Palmer rookie with the Deuce McCallister jersey auto and the Deion Branch rookie. I am heading to bed so if you are interested send me a PM. Thanks, James.

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