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Thread: Help Needed -- Vintage Cards

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    Help Needed -- Vintage Cards

    Greetings SCF members!

    Now, I'm reaching out to you guys for help because I've been put in a situation where I'm a bit out of my element. My friends know I collect cards, and one of them has reached out to me. They have inherited thousands on thousands of cards from 1970-mid 1990s. I know very well what the 1990 onward cards are worth (answer = less than the cardboard they're printed on), but the base cards and inserts and checklists going back to the early 70s are intriguing. There are literally THOUSANDS of these cards in varying conditions, from varying years. We have removed the vast majority of the rookie cards of bigger players, but the remainder of the cards are just taking up space. I was just wondering if anyone here on SCF has a lot of experience with Vintage cards and can help me find something to do with them. If there are any Toronto based vintage specializing members I'm happy to meet up and showcase some of the cards in person, but I should warn you all that the volume of them is tremendous, and some of the conditions are awful. If anybody has suggestions, places I could take them to that maybe buy vintage cards in large quantities, that would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you all,


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    I'm not too experienced with older cards but I would suggest also separating the checklists like you have with the rookies. Unmarked checklists from the 70s in good condition can fetch some good money.

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