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Thread: want to trade for these autos

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    want to trade for these autos

    i wanna trade for decent autos of the the following players:
    Tim Brown
    Zach Thomas
    Marcus Allen
    Jerry Porter
    DeShaun Foster
    Cade McNown

    Please list what you got and the BV of it. Thanks!

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    I have a pacific jerry porter rookie card

    I also have a butt load of cade mcnown cards if interested. There are WAY to many to list. IF interested in the lot LMK

    I would trade for Ron dayne cards, Packer memorabilia cards or would sell

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    are any of the McNown's Auto? or even GU? also i maybe interested in a McNown RC if he is in his UCLA jersey.

    Also to let u know that the only Daynes i have are 02 Gridiron Kings.

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    I have few Mcnown rookie cards in his UCLA uniform.. those i can list if youd like to know. ARe you interested in the porter and paying cash.


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    Ill just pass. I have the gridiron kings. I woulda needed at least a few dollars to help cover expenses if trading one card for one card

    thnx anyway man


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    hey zach I may get another of the school colors foster jerseys. Would you be interested in it?

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