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    Richie Anderson is a Cowboy now!!!!!

    Cowboys just signed Richie Anderson to a 3 year 3.9 million dollar contract what a great pickup for the boys now him and Glenn can both run out for patterns and watch either Hutch or Q try to throw an out pattern LOL o well at least there recivers and backs will look good. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! etoppsguy111 :hop:

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    Still need a qb rumor in cleveland is couch is up for grabs listening jerry jones.

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    I would love to see Tim Couch in a Cowboys uniform next year. He has some great skills in him i still belive!!!!! etoppsguy111

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    Me too! I like Hutchinson but Couch would be a Welcome addition for me!

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    cowboys will win 6or7 games

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    give the cowboys two years and parcells will turn them around miraculousy, like he always does with his teams

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    it seems like he brings alot of his old players to his new teams

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    Richie will definitely help, he has great hands out of the backfield!! The Jets used him a lot in 2001 during his career year and were successful, maybe Dallas can do the same

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