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    I need trade bait- have 13.00 paypal

    Looking for the best lot I can get for 13.00. I know it wont be super stuff, but im running really low on trade bait. Doesnt have to be Gu or autos, but I dont need low end inserts or rookies, got plenty of those. PLEASE dont ask me to check your site. They are your cards, put together a lot you are looking to sell for 13.00 and list it here, if I like the offer, Ill take it
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    Not really sure what you are looking for, but here is some of that I have:

    1986 Topps Steve Young ROOKIE CARD #374
    1989 Score Deion Sanders ROOKIE CARD #246
    2003 Bowman Larry Johnson ROOKIE CARD
    2003 Bowman *Farbric of the Future* ROOKIE INSERT [RED JERSEY SWATCH]
    2004 Playoff Memorabilia Larry Fitzgerald JERSEY + FOOTBALL ROOKIE #201[serial numbered to 088/750; BV$30]
    2004 Playoff Memorabilia Michael Clayton JERSEY + FOOTBALL ROOKIE #232[serial numbered to 744/750]
    2004 Leaf Certified Materials Roy Williams JERSEY ROOKIE #217 [seral numbered0548/1250]
    2004 Playoff Hogg Heaven Lee Evans JERSEY ROOKIE #157 [serial numbered 539/750]
    2004 Topps Pristine Lee Evans ROOKIE REFRACTOR #111 [seral numbered 1034/1099]
    2004 Bowman Fabric of the Future Stephen Jackson JERSEY/REFRACTOR ROOKIE #FF-SJ
    2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches Stephen Jackson JERSEY ROOKIE #SW-SJ
    2005 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Senior Standouts Marcus Spears JERSEY ROOKIE #SS-MS
    2001 Fleer Genuine Reggie Wayne FUTURE SWATCH JERSEY ROOKIE #133 [serial numbered 0388/1000]
    2001 Bowman Chrome Senior Bowl Reggie Wayne JERSEY/REFRACTOR ROOKIE #BCR-RW
    2001 Pacific Titanium Dan Morgan/Adam Archuleta JERSEY ROOKIE #10
    2000 Quantum Leaf Shaun Alexander ROOKIE #308
    2000 Score Shaun Alexander ROOKIE #283
    and more...

    Pick and choose from the list above and create a lot if you are interested in any of these. I will let you know.


    Kyle Whileyman

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    I'd do these for $13 DLVD:

    01 Upper Deck Ovation Train for the Game Mark Brunell Dual Jsy BV$25
    03 Pristine Igniters Terrell Owens Jsy
    04 Pristine Rookie Revolution Rashaun Woods Jsy
    04 SPX Rookie Swatch Supremacy Tatum Bell Jsy
    04 Finest Ahman Green Jsy #107

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    hey guys, thanks for the offers, but i dont really need any of those. thanks
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    nothing great, but u can have these for $13:
    1992 Ultra Chris Miller AU Chris Miller AUTO/(Certified autograph) $25.00
    2004 Upper Deck Foundations 242 Luke McCown JSY $6.00
    2002 Private Stock Game Worn Jerseys 122 Skip Hicks $8.00
    2001 Titanium Post Season Jerseys 98 Michael Bates $10.00

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    Here is my offer for the $13.

    2004 Showcase Rookies
    Matt Schaub #147 (197/599)
    Devery Henderson #105 (348/599)

    2005 Topps NFL Certified Auto
    Nate Wayne #T-NW w/# in sig

    2003 Sage Hit
    Dave Ragone (Blue Ink) #A15 (Louisville/Texans)

    1999 Fleer "Sports Illustrated Autograph Collection"
    Garo Yepremian (Black Ink) (Dolphins)

    2005 Topps DP&P "Gold Refractor"
    Luke McCown #104 (53/199)

    2005 Absolute "Red Spectrum"
    Sean Taylor #150

    2005 UD Rookie Debut "Gold"
    Santana Moss #69 (1/150)

    2005 Leaf R&S "Green"
    Tony Gonzalez #49 (74/200)

    2005 Classics "Team Colors"
    John Elway #TC-9 (8/250)

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    guys, a couple nice offers, and i appreciate them, but i actually grabbed some set needs on ebay, so the money is spent
    thanks though
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