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    4 Boxes - 13-14 Prizm, I see a finite parallel

    I busted 4 boxes of the new 13-14 Prizm last weekend. Overall I love the design of the product however there are way too many scrub autos. You would think that in 4 boxes you would hit a named player. Oh well, I am still missing about 10 cards for the base set and only 20 rookies to go. I did really well with the rookies not having too many doubles that my bro or I did not need. Lots of inserts and parallels FT.

    Anyhow, here we go

    Box #1

    The Parent, Eberle, Roy are all PC. Everything else is FS / FT

    Missing hit at the end.

    Box #2

    The Fleury is PC. Everything else is FS / FT

    again missing hit at the end

    Box #3

    The Huberdeau, Subban and Fasth are PC. Everything else FS / FT.

    Box #4

    The Reimer, Schultz, and Read are PC. Everything else FS / FT/

    Here is the missing hit from box #2

    A nice Cody Hodgson parallel out of 10. This card is FS / FT.

    and now the missing hit form box #1

    This is the 3rd 1 of 1 that I have pack pulled over the years. At this point I am keeping this card as these look amazing.

    If you need any base please let me know as I have lots to move.

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    Congrats on the 1/1 ! Nice break overall, excellent /10, plus a PK refractor, excellent I'd say.
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    Yeah really nice break, I too open four box and got a Howe 1/1. But not /10. Interested in trading for Subban, Lafleur and Robinson if trading.
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    Awesome Kane! Im intrested in all the Immortalized cards. Please Pm me if those are FT. C
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    please LMK if you have any of these base rookie cards

    -212 - I need two
    -227- I need two
    -250- I need two
    -251- I need two
    -254- I need two
    -257- I need two
    -276- I need two
    -299- I need two

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    congrats on hits cant complain on the players either
    Eric Staal PC= 2240 different and counting
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    Wow, what a hit on the Kane 1/1! The Fasth autograph card is decent, too.
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