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    Buying for 200$ box need help, what should i buy?

    I dont have yet a big collection so that why im asking, i want to grow it and make good investisment

    So i'm looking for box but im not sure, since i want to sell cards from those cards after maybe if i dont need them.

    Only got 200$ so i thought of buying maybe 3 box ill see

    i though about buying a box of Prizm but i check the box break on youube and it dont seem really nice for a box

    Ive seen box on sale from 2011-12 Elite, Contenders and Rookie Anthology, are they worth it? I can buy some for really cheap but cost 40$ of shipping in Canada, dont find good sports card store with discount like that in Canada.

    Should i buy a 100$ box + 2 mid range box?

    theyre also the 2010-11 Zenith who seem cool

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    Avoid zenith. Garbage!!

    I'd grab a couple 100$ boxes, maybe 13-14 ud series 1

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    Stay away from zenith. If you want to make your collection grow then I would buy singles from ebay. If you want to open boxes instead of singles then I would go with 11-12 Contenders. This is a solid product. I would buy 3-4 boxes if it was me
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    Wait a cofew days and buy a couple of boxes of 2013-14 ARTIFACTS.

    You'll get some nice hits, good variety.

    3 memorabilia cards (1 of them a multi player, and usually 1 of them a Patch or Stick card)
    1 auto
    1 rookie redemption from the new crop /699 (guys like Mackinnon, Drouin, Jones)
    2 rookies from the first half of the double crop /999 (guys like Galchenyuk, Yakupov, etc...)
    1 parallel numbered to 99 or less
    1 Team canada parallel /999
    1 goalie parallel /999

    plus the base cards are really nice and you can get some really nice hits.

    That's what I would do.
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    Well, there is absolutely nothing that you could buy box break wise that would be an "investment", but if you're looking for the best return on your money, you pretty much have to go with 2013/14 UD Series 1 when it's released. Other than that, it's all a crap shoot with some being better than others.
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    ^ what he said if you want to try and profit, pre-order series 1 so you can list the YG's on ebay asap while the hype is crazy. You should be able to get 3 boxes in Canada for $200, I think? so good odds you will hit a Nathan Mackinnon or Yakupov etc and recoup a good amount.
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    thanks a lot guys for the advice, ill look at all that tomorrow but keep your advice im mind!

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    Like other said, cards are not a investment. Most of the time, selling will not get you what you paid for unless you sell when it's release and even then, it's not guaranty you will. If your goal is to grow a collection and I see you collect a lot of Habs, then my suggestion is to see this on the long run. For instance I trade only. I will sell only the very high end cards when I pull one. For the rest I prefer to trade. What I learn is patience. Cards I never thought I would move end up being moved in a trade sometime 6 years after pulling it. So often if you look at this on the long term then the more trader you have, the easier it get to trade. I use the inventory and with over 5,600 traders I now am able to make huge trade for Habs. Just this year I was able to trade for more then 1,000 Habs. Also I decided to widen my collection to all habs and I do not regret it. Before I was trading only for very specific player but by opening up to most habs, At least on the lower end of it. I was able to have a lot of fun trading. To me this is where I gain from the money spent, to turn the hit into PC. If you like Habs, You can check my collection. Just rookie wise I have 40% of all rookie made from Montreal. So it does make trading a lot of fun.

    Back to your suggestion, with double RC class this year, don't buy older product where the Hype is gone and most collector already have their cards, I would wait for incoming release and maybe get 1 Artifacts and 1 UD Serie I.
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