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    Looking to trade for Jordan Cards.

    I am looking to trade for any Jordan Cards.Just send me a wantlist and I will see if I have anything you want. If not I will just buy them if you have something that I really like. Lmk what you have.

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    I have a 89-90 fleer and a 88-89 fleer sticker. I also have a 05-06 upper deck and a 05-06 Reflections. I also have about 100 regular base of him. One more thing of his that you might like is a Upper Deck gu baseball bat. Has him in a barons jersey. let me know. would probably be interested in selling unless you have Kobe or Lebron RC's.

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    pls check my site for mj cards..

    also got a lot of cards of him thats not listed..

    lmk if you like something..

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    I've got this...

    88-89 Fleer Michael Jordan BV$40???

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    Here are the shaq cards that i have, i don't know if you will like them but here they are.

    00-01 topps all-star authority #asa2
    00-01 fleer mystique player of the week #pw5
    01-02 upperdeck slam center #sc15
    01-02 fleer platinum stadium standouts #10
    01-02 upperdeck #75
    00-01 fleer triplecrown #232
    00-01 ultra #3
    I really don't have a very big collection of shaq. Is there any other players you are interested in?

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    just pulled a bunch of random Jordan base from 98-99 UD Encore and also an 01-02 Fleer Force Emblematic Jordan insert /399 books 80, lmk if interested in it

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    Do you have a wantlist for MJ?? I have 500 duplicates I'd love for you to have!!
    Check my page out. All of the cards listed with the # in bold() out to the right are available for trade.

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    I need to see a list of players you are interested in or are you just interested in selling?

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    I like Reggie and Pacers also.Do you see any Jordan you wanted in my bucket.? I have a Foil Holo. card and A few more also.

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