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    Grading Companies

    So still clearly a bit of a newb here, I thought PSA was more of the leading authority on grading but last 2 people I talked to said it's BGS. Was I way wrong? I've bought 6 PSA gems 10/10 and still like them a lot but for certain players on my PC, I want the best of the best. Also I very rarely see a BGS 10/10....mostly 9 and 9.5 so I'm thinking those 2 guys were right. Thoughts and opinions??

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    A BGS 10 is difficult to attain.

    I have 33 cards graded. Of those, 32 are BGS 9.5 and one PSA 10 Gem Mint.

    The difference between the companies is that PSA only goes as high as 10 (Gem Mint); a BGS 10 is Pristine - a perfect card. To my knowledge, PSA does not have a 'Pristine' grade.

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    PSA will not grade something that:

    May not be authentic
    Cut Cards

    Beckett will grade your grannies rocking chair.

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    I think they have both lowered their standards lately but I have always liked the BGS holder better than the PSA one. Too many tampering problems with the PSA one.
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    Personally, I go with BGS, BUT... do take into account that, "Yes, BGS will in fact grade cut cards". I don't like the idea of that (If you cut a 1979-80 OPC Gretzky RC from an uncut sheet yesterday, how is that a real Rookie card?!), but some people don't seem to mind.

    Overall though, I've found BGS graded cards the easiest to move in regards to resale value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    PSA will not grade something that:

    May not be authentic
    Cut Cards
    Ask PSA about the Bill Mastro T206 Honus Wagner now that he's admitted to trimming it as a part of his guilty plea.

    I think that many that dabble in graded will recommend PSA for vintage, BGS for modern.
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    I was going to mention the whole Mastro thing but thought it might be too arcane/not on point for the OP (start with Googling "PSA grading scandal" or "PSA grading problems"); to me (and I haven't even read "The Card") it sullied PSA permanently. I don't really buy or sell graded, but I would go BGS all the way.
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    We have had a lot of discussion in this forum on both companies. What stand out constantly from these companies is that PSA is better for vintage cards, as more expertise in that range of the market and for more recent card BGS would be better. But both do hold good value compare to other grading company. Also no human is perfect so no company will be perfect. But these are definitely the top two.
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