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    Low End football auto's for sale!!!

    Will sell as a lot or can break down

    2001 SAGE HIT Autographs Foilboard A18 Gary Baxter NM-MT
    2002 Bowman Chrome 155AU Kyle Johnson AU NM-MT
    2004 Absolute Memorabilia 189 Sloan Thomas AU NM-MT #'d477/750
    2004 Leaf Certified Materials 195 Sloan Thomas AU NM-MT #'d0720/100
    2005 Bowman's Best 158 Alvin Pearman AU NM-MT #'d 351/699
    2005 Press Pass Autographs Bronze 54 Roddy White NM-MT
    2005 Reflections Signature Reflections Red SRCT Craphonso Thorpe NM-MT
    2005 SP Authentic Scripts for Success Autographs SSRW Roddy White NM-MT
    2005 Press Pass Autographs Bronze Khalif Barnes NM-MT

    Total BV is 104 but as my OPG has expired i can't break it down without a load of hassle!!!

    If you are interested in any or all lmk


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    yeah, it's his bowman chrome certified autograph issue rookie card

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    I'm not sure what the BV is as my OPG has expired.....I also have a honors rookie tandems tatum bell/darius watts???

    You can aim or yahoo me-wantalot17

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    Ok fair point, i can do it for 8 bucks dlvd???

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    Well i could do 7 dlvd but there would be no DC..I live in the uk so to send with DC would cost about 4 bucks??

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