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    I have this card for trade... bv is 15... im looking for mostly bils stuff.. but something that catches my eye will do...

    im taking best offer....

    offers so far

    SDF - 150 cc

    so if u offer cc u may wanna go higher than that

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    Dunn /28

    I have a 03 SP Game Used Josh Reed Jersey card that I could offer, is there anything else I could offer with it to make a potential trade...?

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    do u already have the arod/jeter all-star insert? if not ill do those 2 and the aiken topps for it..

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    I NEED THE JETER... where have u been lol... card king il give u 100 cc for teh jeter let me know

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    gator the dunn books 15 so if u find 5 or so in trade value then we'll see... cardking has offered me through im 18 dollars of trade... so there your bench mark

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    my offer

    My Offer............
    I'll trade the Josh Reed SP Game Used (White) Jersey and your choice of the following:

    03 Score Ray Lewis Franchise Fabrics (White)
    03 Score Junior Seau Franchise Fabrics (Blue)
    03 Topps James Mungro Autograph
    03 Fleer Showcase Plaxico Burress Footballs Best (White) Jersey
    03 Topps Mike Alstott Pro Bowl (Blue) Jersey

    or The Reed Jersey and 15 different Antowain Smith, 5 different JOsh Reed, and 10 different Travis Henry cards............

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