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    Hertl's Cards Are Out of Control

    Tomas Hertl, the rookie sensation of the NHL. Someone listed his autograph card from last year's Czech release, and here's how it ended.

    $461.56 with 70 bids. ecadb08c7&nma=true&si=FMN%252BoWY%252B1FTN57Cpj4mf QFcRMJE%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675 .l2557

    To compare, others went for $15 and $16.69 a couple of weeks ago, before his major breakthrough.

    Opinions, please. I can't be the only one who this that this is absolutely crazy.

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    I agree completely. It is insane.

    Supply & Demand though.

    Unless that card is incredibly limited (and there are some serious collectors of his) it's going to be a $15 card again in no time. The flood of autos he'll have in the next year (litterly, 1000s of signed cards) will make sure of that.
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    A fool and their money..... Even looking at the Artifacts redemption RC's for San Jose, they're going for $50-60. The redeemed versions of Hall and Tavares from previous years go for around $15. What's funny is that I can almost guarantee that these exact same people were paying ridiculous money for Torey Krug rookies.

    I do like the way both Krug and Hertl play, but I highly doubt that they will ever be MVP caliber players like they are selling for. Oh well, as long as people are happy, they can do whatever they please!

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    If you have one in your hand, it's a good time to trade for cash. Strike while the iron is hot!
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    Paging Jeremy Lin! That is a high price to pay

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    Quote Originally Posted by OvertimeHeroes View Post
    Paging Jeremy Lin! That is a high price to pay
    This is because all release up to this date did not produce any cards. We know he will be in future release but manufacturer totally miss this guy in their early release. This explain why some want card of him and they want it now so they pay a high price.
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    I like the kid and knew about him from the start. I wasn't expecting for him to become a sensation though. However, with that being said, I may pick up some of his things when the prices go lower. With still chasing low #'ed Sateri, I'd rather put the money to complete this collection or put it towards other pc items than a new collection. It's crazy for sure, but we all know what happens when a player breaks out. As mentioned above.

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    Hopefully the hype dies down and I don't have such a tough time grabbing his rookie cards. Luckily I found his artifacts redemption for about half of what they are selling on eBay but not sure I could continue getting so lucky
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    for that price, I rather have 4 gretzky autos.
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