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    Tim Horton Custom Card w/ Real Cut Auto!! - Courtesy of DnJCards

    Well I finally have it in hand now, and I couldnt of asked for anything better. Since its finally in hand its time to share this with all of you.

    Of course, a HUGE thanks to DnJ for doing this for me. I've had this cut auto for over a year now and was never really sure the best course of action for it. I'm glad I waited. Without further ado:

    Comments Welcome :) It has taken front middle position on my card shelf lol

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    HOLYYYYYYY, so cool!!!! We should all be buying stock in Jon, maybe a Kickstarter type of thing heh.
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    Nicely done and a great player to boot!!!
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    So happy you like it Andrew it was a lot of fun to do for you!! :)

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    Really awesome card! You can't deny the impact Tim Horton has had on both the Leafs and Canadian culture overall.

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    Thanks Jon! You have a PM too about another one :D

    thanks Ethan :)

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    Awesome card Andrew, that would be the pinnacle of my collection!

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    Thanks Kev! Figured ud be a fan as you have a Tim Horton collection going. It will also be the pinnacle of my PC, theres nothing that can top this for me right now

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