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    Multi-sport 8x10 (& Memorabilia) Autos FT/FS

    I got to Ticket Stock every year, which is an autograph/radio/fun event here in Dallas.

    Here are some of the 8x10s I have gotten in the past few years that are for trade or sale. I will provide a scan of the 8x10 and the autograph ticket if you are interested. Most of the signees only had about 4-500 tickets out each year.


    Josh Howard Auto'd 8x10 [White Mavs uni, silver sharpie]


    Dan Campbell/Antonio Bryant Auto'd Cowboys' Mini Helmet [Both signed in blue ink]

    Dan Campbell Auto'd 8x10 [Cowboys' blue ink]

    Antonio Bryant [Cowboys' Uni blue ink]

    Jason Whitten 5x7 Auto (x2) [White Dallas]

    Jason Whitten 8x10 No-Auto [White Dallas]

    Walt Garrison US Tobacco Co. Auto 8x10 (Slightly over-sized) [In a Cowboy hat and Cowboy (Not the Dallas Cowboys', actual Cowboy]clothes]

    Rayfield Wright Auto'd 8x10 [Dallas Uni]

    Jim McMahon Auto'd 8x10 (x2) [Bears Uni - 1 Blue, 1 White]

    Troy Aikman/Rayfield Wright Hall Of Fame Mini-Helmet Auto'd by both in Blue sharpie


    Gaylord Perry Auto'd 8x10 (Inscribed HOF 91) [Rangers UNI]

    Gaylord Perry Auto'd 8x10 [Giants Uni]


    Brenden Morrow Auto'd Stars Puck

    Brenden Morrow Auto'd 8x10 [Stars Uni]

    Please let me know if you have any interest in any of these. I have many more of players such as Reggie Jackson, a few more of Troy Aikman, Pete Rose, Bo Jackson, but those are for the good old PC.


    - Jay
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