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    Sweet Dutch Auctions! No crap, nice cards. 2 Game Used/Autos and 6 Stars for $9.50.

    The link below is for a sweet dutch auction I posted on ebay. Each pack contains 2 gu or autos. All of the 'hits' are scanned and everything scanned goes into a lot. No guessing games, just nice cards! All sales made through SCF instead of ebay will get a discount of $.50 per lot(my fees). I will just edit the number of lots available. One of the first two lots sold will have an auto in it. Even after, you still have a 1:3 chance for an auto! There will be lots of Lebron, Jordan, Kobe, and Nash cards put into these lots. No commons, just nice cards! Try one, you won't be sorry!

    My Dutch Auction

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