Having moved most of my PC stuff over the last few months (so I can focus my efforts on Topps Chrome from here on out), I have quite the collection of Pro Mold One-Screw plastic cases that are just taking up space in my basement. I would like to move them all in one big lot and I am definitely willing to let them go cheap as well. They are all gently used with some minor wear and tear around the screw portion of the case (like much of these cases have after being used even a little bit), but all of them will keep your cards safe and secure and then some! I am looking at moving the entire lot for 5 DLVD (should be able to cram them in a USPS flat-rate box, maybe two if necessary), but definitely a good value since at the cheapest these sell for around each. Might be interested in trading these off for some blu-rays or video games, maybe even some Topps Chrome stuff (Football ONLY though), if I can be compensated for the shipping. Hit me up if interested and I am sure we can work out something! Thanks!!!
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