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Thread: Has SCF bit the dust

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradyfanatic1224 View Post
    I see what you're saying, but all I'm saying is how do we know that it's pushed down values. Before ebay could we see what something sold for in Canada? Or if you're on the east coast and I'm on the west coast, we wouldn't know if I sold a Griffey RC for 35$ and you sold one for 55$. I understand that you're saying that cards in general don't sell near their beckett values most the time. Maybe the issue is with beckett and not with the sale values. Everyone has their opinion I guess...
    I think you summed it up perfectly.

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    Many of the young members may have moved on with living their lives, advancing through school, some maybe even finding work and raising families. Careful, if you don't turn off the computer and take a walk outside, you may miss something and life may just pass you by.
    Where I'm from....
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    Slowed down, yes! Never dead, I have found this is the one place you can post a thread and discuss a topic without it turning into a trolling argument. While the traffic is more town than city these days , im sticking around for the conversation!

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    the people are a lot nicer on here. People were very rude to me on blowout. I am pleased to be back on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eliteco3 View Post
    the people are a lot nicer on here. People were very rude to me on blowout. I am pleased to be back on here.
    welcome, but i see you have the banned tag? not allowed to conduct any deals, why is that?
    I will check ebay and will not provide sick profits.

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    I think the hobby is just changing, and its not necessarily a bad thing. I think people who are getting into the Hobby now have a sizable bankroll. When a low end Hobby box runs just shy of $80, its hard to really dip your toe in the water to see if you like collecting. I collected as a kid and got back in when I found myself in my late 20s with more free time and expendable income.

    Sure, you can by low-end, but the draw is hits. Again, I love both aspects, but I also had a basis in the early 90s when prices weren't crazy. I think the manifestation of the new folks getting in and throwing a lot of money around is the group-break communities. Its more conducive to those tastes than spending a lot of time working trades out. I enjoy both, but just think that the latter doesnt appeal to the 'new school' so to speak.

    That said, I would take this community over the breaker community any day of the week when it comes to talking cards and dealing with decent people.
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    no clue. I never have done anything wrong on this site. I sent patriotsguy an email tonight about getting the ban lifted

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    And I am the opposite as I collect cheap base cards of players, I enjoy retail packs, I would rather spend 1.99 and get 16 cards than 80 bucks a pack and get an auto of some never gonna be draft pick. So I dont have any real problem making deals on here. I have several currently going right now for some base sets and McFarlanes. It is not like in the past where I'd post I want base sets and within minutes have about 10 pm's, but i still get 2 or three a day when I ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eliteco3 View Post
    the people are a lot nicer on here. People were very rude to me on blowout. I am pleased to be back on here.
    Based on the thread I saw in the feedback section, the being rude may have been deserved.

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    I think that a couple of things have happened on here to slow down.

    1. Loss of quality, high rep traders. Many have moved on and out of the hobby
    2. Trust - when there are so many people with low rep, makes it tough for guys like me to want to trade with them
    3. Increase in online breakers/razzers. There are hundreds of people who are frequenting the live feeds for a chance at cheap cards
    4. Product cost - The money just isn't there for average/low price product. Most people want super rare or super hot. Player/team collectors are a dieing breed

    I believe number 4 is the top reason. The economy has driven interest down due to higher cost of living which means less invested into hobbies like this. I saw someone mention about "more products". That is inaccurate. There is actually less product today than there was 10 years ago. Mainly because there are two main companies (I do not include Upper Deck). They are dominating the market and vying for collectors' cash. There truly is not a "low end" product anymore. Score, which was that at $0.99/pack, is now an average product which has doubled in price. Personal wax being busted is just not a viable option for many, so they turn to a cheaper, higher risk/higher reward option by buying into case breaks. One team per spot is a big risk, but less loss if they hit. Personally, I have turned to that, but do bust small amounts of personal wax. The risk is worth the reward in my opinion.

    At the end of the day, we make the hobby what it is. If we are leaches trying to suck every penny out of card sales, then there will be less and less willing traders because of the focus on money. I am still a player/team collector and will stick with it. I prefer to have a focus rather than being all about making money. It is a hobby for me, not a business.
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