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Thread: Just an observation.

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    Never in all my time on this trading card forum had I thought I would read about a sock collection.
    *crosses it off bucket list*

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    My name is Matt...

    and I'm a perfectionist.

    I literally have all my Yip cards in one-touches and neatly organized. LOL

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    Do you iron the insides of your shirts and your boxer shorts? Do you count your Smarties and eat them, the most to the least by colour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Do you iron the insides of your shirts and your boxer shorts? Do you count your Smarties and eat them, the most to the least by colour?
    Green always last for me ..... I dont know why =S
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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig2 View Post
    You mean it's not normal to have 60 Cup rookies of a single player? Come on, that's crazy talk.
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    I'm still trying to get all the Kjell Dahlin from ITG Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge 2009/10. I have both 1/1's and two /9's but any others have eluded me. Problem is he was a Montreal Canadien as well so I have to compete with those collectors as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canucksfan007 View Post
    Green always last for me ..... I dont know why =S

    I have a 3 for all most times between the Blue, Green and Yellow Smarties. I hate the Brown ones and eat them first, telling them how ugly and foul tasting they really are.

    As bad as Brown Smarties are, Brown M&M's are even more disgusting. M&M's are disgusting compared to Smarties anyway.

    For you American's we are not talking about the cellophane rolled halloween candies you call Smarties, we are talking Canadian Smarties. Your Smarties in the USA are made by Canada and called Rockets.

    M&M's are gross.
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    It has nothing to do with the site, it's the hobby in general. Personally, I feel that if everyone with OCD left the hobby, you might see 14 packs sold over the year LOL!

    Quote Originally Posted by qwas View Post
    I look through the show and tell and the box pack breaks frequently. I especially like the show and tell. Is it me or does sites like this attract an unusual amount of the OCD crowd? Not meant as a bad thing but it is amazing how many collect every card of a certain player or try to get all of one limited cards. Makes for great viewing I must say.
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    I can relate to Yipper, I need a giant case of 1-touches at a big discount, the $ add up when you want to put Every card in one...I do think people on this site are a little more hard core, aka Obsessive, I know at least a few people who complete a set of Upper Deck series 1 and 2 every year...And that is it!
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    In general I think most collectors have OCD :P

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