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Thread: I have this nice set for sale

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    I have this nice set for sale

    a 05-06 Bowman Basketball set 1-151. This includes the normal rookies like Chris Paul, Marvin Willians, Ryan Gomes, Andrew Bynum and more. Just the regular base set books for $40.00 and the rookies add to this makes it very nice.

    Added with this set I will also be selling these:
    21 Gold Bowman Cards- No Duplicates including stars like Amare and Rip
    48 Bowman Chrome Cards- a few duplicates but stars like Gordon, O'Neal, Brand, and Hill
    2 Bowman Chrome Refractors /#300- Sura and Devin Harris
    1 Gold Bowman Chrome Refractor /#50- Zydrans Illauskas
    11 Bowman Chrome Rookies- no duplicates including players like Granger and Miles
    3 Bowman Gold Rookies- no duplicates.

    The set will come in a binder. The others in teambags or toploaders. Let me know if anyone is itnerested.

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    yeah my buddy actually bought it. He is wanting me to shop it for him. He says he shouldnt have bought it but he will go through with it if he has to.

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    i remember looking at it but IIRC the price was too high for me. How much is he looking for it?

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    he didnt say. i just tried to get a hold of him but couldnt. he had told me in the email to just take offers.

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