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    VINTAGE BB & FB to trade for UNOPEND

    Ive got a small amount of vintage baseball & football cards to trade-And since i havent got any extra cash-come time after i pay my monthly bills off-I thought ide give this a try-Below you will see a list of cards im willing to trade towards pack & boxes-I do not want any junk packs-Ide like to get some of 2001 that i maby could get a nice Albert Pujols RC out of-Or even some 1994 Upper Deck retail that i could pull out a Alex Rodriguez RC out of-or of newer packs or boxes-Ide rather have a full box-Heres what ive got-And with there said condition next to them-

    1966 Topps #300 Roberto Clemente-corners look great-No creases-centerd-but is off on top to bottom-to where there no boarder on the top-its all at the bottom

    1966 Topps #50 Mickey Mantle-one of my best as far as condition wise-only flaw is it being not centerd-70/30 left to right

    1953 Topps
    #63 Gus Niarhos-no creases-off centerd-touches of wear on corners
    #103 Joe Astroth-no creases-40/60 left to right-good corners
    #154 Dick Groat-creased in two spots
    #158 John Lagan-no creases-30/70 left to right-good corners

    1939 Play Ball B/W Card
    Fred M Frankhouse #70-no creases-40/60 left to right-Corners look good

    1956 Topps #113 Phil Rizzuto-dinged corners-two faint creases

    1961 Topps #89 Billy Martin-1/2 inch crease at topp center of card-Centerd-good looking corners

    1961 Topps #455 Early Wynn-no creases-40/60 left to right20/80 topp to bottom-dinged corners

    1961 Topps #440 Luis Aparicio-no creases-good corners-Surface spot on righ hand side-1/4 inch long line on surface

    1961 Topps #41 Batting Leaders-Mays/Clemente-no creases-dinged corners

    1951 Red Backs-Luke Easter #26 no creases-great shape-

    1962 Topps Home Run Leaders Card #53 no creases-faint touches of wear on corners

    and then theres a list of other vintage baseball cards-like 47 1971 Topps cards-and 27 1972 Topps that look great-and 28 74 Topps-and a lot of others
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