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Thread: AIM Auction at 3pm eastern

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    AIM Auction at 3pm eastern

    We just had a decent one going and it got out of hand so I figured I would start another one.

    Leave your S/N and I will invite you


    1. What you bid is what you pay. this is not like ebay where you can bid your maximum bid and only pay the high because on ebay no one knows your max bid. This will avoid someone shilling you since they know your high bid

    2. Reserve may be set for all items over 30 BV

    3. Bidding will be in .25 increments up untill 10 dollars and the .50 after that

    4. Please state your shipping cost at the beginning of auction or it will be considered included in sell price

    lets have fun!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I came late and things got messed up. i missed the rules, could you post the rules here so no one goes bonkers again.

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    yea good idea, post rules before anyone joins so theres no confusion. i will try to be there.

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    list them in here in case people show up late, count me in


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