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Thread: some rarer cards i have found

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    some rarer cards i have found

    These are just a few of the rarer cards i have found.

    99 pacifc Chris penn Parallel version serial numbered 65/99
    98 edge Warren Moon First quarter parallel version # 150/150((last one ever made))
    00 Donruss Elite status parallel serial numbered 32/85
    02 Flair Tiki Barber Gold parallel version serial numbered 21/200((his jersey number))

    As you can see i dont remember much on what these are LOL.. but if they can do good with someone else, let them.

    As always, I will trade for ron daynes or good packer cards. If i have a chance with memorabilia, will trade in your favor


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    who is on the elite status card? also, would you trade the tiki barber card for a 2000 ionix ron dayne rookie?

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